Making Divinity Fudge

Over at Briden Farm we made Divinity Fudge today! I worked from a Recipe I found at All Recipes, and added Watkins Products of course! Plus I also replaced the Corn Syrup with some of our own Canadian Maple Syrup that we made last February! I basically followed the Recipe to the ”T”. Except

Ukrainian Studenetz Recipe

Recently, over at Briden Farm, we had a Pig butchered and wanted to utilize as much of the meat as possible. So, we sought out a friend who made us Studenetz! Although to be honest we didn’t know that until another friend, Deb, pointed out that Head Cheese is also known as Ukrainian Studenetz!

Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

Over at Briden Farm we love finding Recipes Online and tweaking them with Watkins Products! The Recipe I used to day can be found online at Although, we first discovered from our friend Judy, in Wileville, Nova Scotia. We like it because it’s good! Other reason to like it are that it’s both Gluten

Gingerbread Man Cookies Recipe

Beckoning from a time where our Grand Mother’s kitchens smelled of fresh baked cookies, this Recipe promises to rekindle the fire of your youth as memories of Mom and Gand Mom and their sweet smelling kitchens! Click Here for the Recipe Ckick Here to Enter Free Cookie Cutter Contest at

A Quick Little Pizza Treat

It may not be exactly a Pizza, but it’s fast, a d easy, and really nice when you have fresh ingredients like we do here at Briden Farm. Simply take a slice of bread, top with a slice of fresh tomato, sprinkle with Watkins Oregano and Watkins Basil (or better yet chop up a