A Business for All Seasons!

Watkins is truly a Business for All Seasons! While other Business depend heavily on the Christmas Holiday Season, or are dependent on other Seasonal situations, Watkins provides us with an incredible year round Business Opportunity!

True, our Sales do build prior to Christmas, and our Biggest month of the Year is usually November, but because we are not dependent on Gift Items for the Christmas Holiday, our Business is good any day of the year!

With Watkins manufacturing Natural, Organic, Gourmet, and Grocery Items, it means people are looking for our Watkins Products every day of the year. Using our products every hour of the day, and many are looking for Watkins Products right now and do not know where to find them! That’s why we, as Watkins Products Consultants, truly have an incredible opportunity to grow very stable year round business with a Product Supplier, JR Watkins, that not only has taken nearly 150 years to build a great reputation, and develop top quality, satisfaction, money back guaranteed, products, but also takes care of many of the other demands many other businesses face.

Watkins has already developed manufacturing systems that are gravity feed, economically and environmentally responsible, and meet Gov’t. and other regulations, necessary to any solid Business. Then, comes the Order taking, Money Collection, Taxes, and Shipping of Products! Thankfully Watkins has taken care of all these things!

Then, there’s at least one thing Watkins has that no other Company has, at least no Company that has started in the past 146 Years!

That is the incredible reputation that has come from providing top quality, economically priced, environmentally friendly, Watkins Products that have become trusted by Families, for generations, which are highly sought after!

This all works together to provide a great opportunity for Watkins Products Consultants!

In fact, to be honest, at a time when many direct sales, and network marketing, companies are using hype and dream sessions to recruit massive numbers of people into their Businesses, we as Watkins Products Reps often downplay just how good it is! For fear of being lumped in with others who over hype their opportunities.

These are just a few of the things that all work together to make Watkins a great year round Business! Combine these things with great products like Watkins Double Strength Vanilla, Watkins Cinnamon, Watkins Pepper, Watkins Medicated (Menthol Camphor) Ointment, Watkins Petro Carbo Salve, Watkins Red Liniment, Watkins White Cream Liniment, Watkins Extracts and Flavorings, and so many other great Watkins Products! The type of products we all use everyday like Natural Personal Care and Plant Based Home Care, as well as Food Items, many of which are Kosher Certified, and of such great quality they are all backed by Watkins 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!

Now, where else can You find an opportunity to build a solid business like this, with a Brand that has a trusted 147 year history of providing quality products that are used everyday, that are sought after by Watkins Customers, and where you can earn up to 47% Commissions on Personal Sales, and up to 12% on Group Sales if you choose to have us help You build a Sales Team of Your Own!

It really is a great, year round, business opportunity, that will last many lifetimes!

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Independent Watkins Manager
Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198)
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