Wonderful Things Began To Happen As Our New Watkins Business Came Alive And Our Associate Teams Began To Grow Larger

Wonderful things began to happen, as our new Watkins Business came alive, and our Associate Teams began to grow larger!

It’s really neat when you see your business take on a life of it’s own and you know that even if something should happen and you weren’t there your business would continue to go on with out you!

I don’t mean that to sound morbid, it’s actually really neat to know that we’re building a business that has began to take on a life of it’s own! That as we continue to build and the business continues to grow we’re creating something that will out last us!

What makes this really special is that this business will become inheritable by those who remain after we’re gone!

That said, I’m not planning on going any where! I hope to be around to see this thing grow to even greater heights.

The other thing that’s really special to me is that our Associates, half of which have been with us for under six months and the others no more than a year or so, we joined in September 2009 and didn’t start building a sales Team till March of 2010! These new Associates are succeeding at what they are doing and are happy and having fun doing it!

We continually get email from new Associates who say, “I never dreamed it would be this easy, people love Watkins and simply need someone to buy it from!”

As a result our first year with Watkins, Sept 2009 to Sept 2010, we did about $23,000 in Sales Volume! Then for 2010, our first full Calendar Year with Watkins We and our Team did over $32,000 in Sales! We develoed 25 Associates who are with us now and spread across the Maritimes and have helped 8 of our associates to get promotions and as a result 6 became Bronze Consultants, 1 became a Silver Consultant, and one a Gold Consultant (even reaching one month a Manager Level in Her first month!)

Way to go Team!

As a result two of our Associates earned enough reward points to get some nice prizes in addition to their Commissions.

We also helped our Tasting Event Hosts and Hostesses to get nearly $1000 in Free Groceries!

We ourselves earned enough reward points to pay our way to Convention in Minneapolis Minnesota to be held in July 2011.We came in just short of getting a trip to Madrid Spain! We would have had the Madrid Trip if I’d been on the ball sooner and had over come my own skepticism sooner! It was totally obtainable as is this Years Trip which will be announced in the near future!

Perhaps the best part of our experiences with Watkins thus far is watching and helping our Associates to grow!

I don’t just mean helping them to grow their incomes, sales teams,and businesses, but to see their eyes and faces light up when they really grow!

Like Watkins Associates;
Lisa Fiander of South Range Digby County, Nova Scotia
Sharla Bartlett of Upper Burlington (near Windsor) Hants County, Nova Scotia
and Suzanne Jeremey of Molega, Queens County, Nova Scotia
allof whom expressed how they could never get up and do a Watkins Tasting Event,
yet, went on to do, and enjoy doing, Tasting Events because as they put it
“The way we do our Event is so simple, and people enjoy them so much,  it’s easy for them to do it!”

Personally I like seeing their faces when they make a hundred dollars or more for just a few hours work!

We’ve experimented and tried about 6 different ways to make money with Watkins and find they all work! However, as I said watching the personal growth and business successes of our Associates and watching and helping them them build their own Watkins Associates Sales Teams is truly inspiring for us!

Watkins has certainly inspired us, and a great many of our associates, what about you!?

Are looking for a great income opportunity, one that will allow you to earn from 25 – 39% in commissions from day one! One where you’ll receive the training and support you need to succeed! One where, (this is my favorite part), our Customers run toward us with smiles rather than away from us in fear!

Then you need to contact us and we’ll discuss which marketing method is best for you and how we can help you accomplish your goals.

It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it, and the most fun most of us have had in a long time!

Contact us today and we’ll discuss how you can become part of our Watkins Associate Team! It only costs $39.95 for your Watkins Membership and even that is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! What have you got to loose?

As our associates say, “People love Watkins clavulin and simply need someone to buy it from!”

Will it be you?

Contact us and we’ll discuss what’s right for You.

Brian W Hurlburt
(Independent Watkins Manager)
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Toll Free: 877-822-8463

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