What Does It Take To Succeed In Our Business?

What Does It Take To Succeed In Our Business? That My Friend is a very difficult question to Answer!

Not because we’re not succeeding, we are!

There are currently over 20,000 Watkins Products Consultants,
and We are, at the time of this Post, in 23rd Place for Total Team Points!

We, are headed to Mexico this Spring, all inclusive and all paid as a Reward from Watkins,
and We’ve already have the Sales Volume Qualification for one Trip for next year,
and will most likely qualify for the second before leaving to go on this years Trip!

All of that and more too, even though we only have about 2% of the Total Number of Watkins Products Consultants!

Now, if it stopped there, one might be tempted to think I’m bragging,
or that it’s only because We’re sitting at the Top! Not So! 😉

Thankfully, a number of our Team Members are Succeeding,
earning incomes, reaching new levels, and qualifying to travel too!

So, we do know what works! Or, perhaps I should say, I know what we do to succeed!

As for the question, “What Does It Take To Succeed In Our Business?”
As I said above, that is a difficult question to answer.
The reason it is such a difficult question to answer is that there is no one way!

Many Home Based, Direct Sales, MLM,  and Network Marketing Businesses have one way of doing things!
A cookie cutter approach, if you will. You either do it that way, or You don’t do it at all!

In some ways the Cookie Cutter Approach, or System, may be easier to explain,
and it does seemingly produce some level of success, or so it seems based on all the claims
of earning $10,000 next month, or Driving a New Sports Car, or wearing Diamonds and Fur Coats!
Unfortunately for me, even though I tried several of those other Businesses, none of them worked for me!
The most I ever accomplished with any of the other Companies I tried, was I once had a Team of 12 and qualified to go on a Cruise, if only I could get myself to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, some 3,000 KMs from where I lived at the time!

Today, our Team Numbers over 500 and We, and Our Team Members, are succeeding.
Anyway, I digress.

The reason it’s so difficult to answer the question, “What Does It Take To Succeed In Our Business?”
is that with Watkins, there are many ways to succeed! Some Consultants focus almost entirely on Recruiting,
while others focus almost entirely on Direct Sales made through Party Sales, and Vendor Events.
All with varying degrees of success, they all work if you work them consistently, and persistently, and long enough!

So, rather than asking, “What Does It Take To Succeed In Our Business?”
Let’s refine our question and ask, “What are We doing to Succeed in Our Business?”.

The answer to which is, “All the Above”, now let me explain…

We are not Mass Recruiters, nor do We, as Individuals, do not do Tens of Thousands of dollars a Year in Vendor Sales!

Rather we take a more balanced approach. This approach has seen us rise to where our Team Sales place us within the top 25 out of over 20,000 Watkins Products Consultants! We focus on Product Sales, and strive to provide the best possible Customer Service, while finding people to become Watkins Products Consultants to help us care for, and expand, our Customer Base.

Thankfully what really drives it is the fact the people absolutely love Watkins Products!
When they see the Watkins Products Catalog, they often start making their wish lists,
and even place orders on the first contact in many cases.

That said, over the past 5 years, or so, since We started treating this more as a Business, and started building our Team of Watkins Products Consultants, there have been about 794 people join our Team, and of those there are currently about 510 on our Team. Now, it may seem like a high number of people are leaving, as some 284 have left! Right!?

Well, when compared to other Retail Jobs, in the Retail Sector, I like what the The Retail Doctor has to say, in his article,
8 Reasons Why Your Retail Employee Turnover Is So High, when he quotes the Hay Group which reported a median turnover rate of 67% for part-time retail employees. Considering nearly, if not all, Watkins Products Consultants are part time, and over a 5 year period we still have 64% of those who have joined our Team, currently on our Team! That is Huge!

The other thing that one might assume is that to become successful with us, You have to spend all your time Recruiting, and You need to talk to tons of people every day, every week, day in day out, and try to recruit everyone! That to would be a misconception!

I like what I read yesterday on Deb Bixler’s Create A Cash Flow Show in an article, Numbers Recruitment = 40 Year,
where Her Guest, Kim Thompson-Pinder provides a formula which says, “When you talk to 4 people a day 5 days a week, 50 weeks per year you will average 40 new distributors a year.” Or, my tranlation of that is, about 4% of those approached by Kim become Reps in Her Business.

After reading and hearing this yesterday on Deb Bixler’s Create A Cash Flow Show
I asked the Leaders on our Team, how many people they talk to, and looked at the number of new Consultants they are bringing into the business. The average seems to be somewhere around 10 to 15 Contacts per week! They averaged about 25-35 New Team Members each, and I’m currently polling them about the number of hours they invest. The average there seems to be about 5-15 Hours per week.

So, no wonder we attract so many parents, single parents, and retirees! Where else can you invest 5-15 Hrs a week on average, contact just 2-3 people a day, and grow a sales team of 30 or so Consultants in a Year!? This becomes even more exciting when I look at our average volumes! Last year our Sales per Consultant, on our Team, was about $1,212.00 per Consultant for the Year! So, with 30 New Consultants, that would mean average sales of about $36,000.00. Now, take into account that under Watkins New Compensation Plan it’s possible to earn up to 12% on Group Sales, that suggests earning up to $4,320.00 in a year, by investing just 5-10 hours a week, and talking to a 2-3 people a day, on average, and most of these people are relatively new, with just a year or two under their belts!

After looking at this, I looked back at my own activities, and discovered that in my first year I talked to about 10-15 people a week on average, had 25 join our Team, and had Team Sales of about $32,000.00 in My first full year with Watkins! Which tells me that our Team Members, those who are “Doing it” are actually seeing the same results I saw, and are possibly getting even better results! (Which I love)

I love this because it tells me, if they stick with it, they can be where we are! Just by investing a few flexible hours, talking to a few people, and continuing to do these things over a period of time, while participating in the system our Team has developed.

I love this, because today, 5 years later we have a Team of over 500 Consultants, with Team Sales of over $390,000.00 over the past 12 months, and we already have enough volume this year, after just two months, for a Trip for One for next years Grand Prize Trip! Last Year, this year, and next year, We already have Team Members going on these Luxury Trips! I’m so looking forward to see even more of our Team Members Earn A Trip and travel with us in years to come!

What’s that System? What does it entail?
Well, my friends, for that You need to be on our team! Is it worth $19.95 to find out?

Join Today for Just $19.95

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