Watkins System For Success Reference Guides Key To Consistent Growth

Over the past 143 Years Watkins has endured the ups and downs of both local and world economies, surviving Wars, Famines, Droughts, and Stock Market Crashes there has been one constant since 1868 that’s Watkins!

The first company ever to provide a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee has survived all of these things and 143 years later continues to provide the tools needed to succeed!

This has given Watkins a lot of time to develop the the things that work, learn from past mistakes, and in doing so Watkins has created the Watkins System For Success Reference Guides which we feel are definitely Key To Consistent Growth!

Nothing is left to chance, it’s not a matter of new astrological signs for 2011! It doesn’t matter if your Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, or a Leo, or one of the other zodiac signs. Or whether you use Flickr or AdWords,  Watkins provides the Map!

You don’t need a special voice like Miley Cyrus or Gwen Stefani, nor the look or stage presence of actresses Keira Knightley or Olivia Munn, or the persuasiveness of Martin Luther King Jr. Although these things may be helpful, they are not needed!

There is a secret, it’s not searching for new signs, it’s simply following the road map Watkins has laid out for us. This road map is contained within the Watkins System For Success Training and Reference Guides.

Bill Porter knew this, unable to gain employment due to his cerebral palsy, Bill refused to go on disability. Porter eventually convinced Watkins to give him a door-to-door salesman job, selling its products on a ten-mile route in the Portland area. He eventually became the top seller for the company.

In 1995 The Oregonian ran a feature story about Porter in its newspaper. The story of his optimistic determination made him the subject of media attention across the United States. He was featured in Reader’s Digest and on ABC’s 20/20, and was the subject of a 2002 made-for-TV movie called Door to Door.

Some things have changed with Watkins over the years, though Watkins is the original Door to Door Company, there a few who go Door to Door these days. There are a wide variety of Marketing Methods employed by Watkins Associates today. All can be found within the Watkins System For Success Training and Reference Guides.Which means even new Associates who may be physically far a way from their Sponsors can still learn and earn with Watkins.

Though some things change, many things remain the same, the integrity, product quality, and commitment to new Associate Success, has actually improved over the years!

Qualities like persistence and patience, were taught by Bill Porter’s Mother and others like Her! These are the real secrets to success!

With Watkins System For Success Training and Reference Guides new, and old, Associates can learn to earn and become successful with Watkins!

Which Secrets do you want to learn, how to work 40 years to end up broke or dependent on others? Or how to become Independent and successful?

It’s my beleive that by employing the Watkins System For Success anyone can become successful and can reach leadership positions within 1 to 3 years!

There are many Marketing Methods to choose from today, and together we can help each other with Watkins System For Success Reference Guides the Key To Consistent Growth!

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