Watkins Products Associate Elaine Bowers Tasting Success In Yarmouth NS

Elaine Bowers joined Watkins in Oct 2010 and has been Tasting Watkins Success in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Elaine spent her first few months learning about Watkins, Watkins Products, and Watkins Marketing Methods.

Then, after attending a Fast Start Training in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, with Watkins Executives Keith & Karen Hagan, Elaine began t focus on developing Her Watkins Business through holding Watkins Tasting Events and Watkins Living Naturally Events.

The next few months were amazing for Elaine!

I say they were amazing because not only was Elaine holding Tasting Events and Watkins Living Naturally Events, She also kpt a prior commitment to work for a former employer and become a Canadian Census Taker. This saw Elaine not only work full time with her own case load, but also helping a couple of other Census Takers complete their commitments! So, during the period of April 2011 to June 2011 Elaine worked a Full Time Job, helped at least two others complete their jobs, and also held about 12 Watkins Tasting Events.

Elaine’s sales during this time period were in the area of $7000, over a 14 week period!

(I should say, I want this Blog Post to be a Surprise and a Thank You for Elaine and so I’ve not asked Her for exact numbers. So, to keep it honest, I’m low balling the figures!)

During the approximate 14 week period, Elaine earned over $2000 and did so by doing about 12 Tasting Events! Considering Tasting Events average about 4 – 5 hours with planning, holding, and closing, it’s save to say Elaine worked about 60 Hours,  averaging just 4 – 5 hours per week, and earned over $30/Hr. or about $600/month!

Perhaps one of the things that helps Elaine with holding so many successful Tasting Events, is that those Hosting Elaine’s Watkins Tasting Events received over $1000 in Free Watkins Products!

By Hosting a Watkins Tasting Event, inviting family, friends, and others, to a relaxed social time while Tasting Watkins Products, Hosts and Hostesses receive from 10% – 30% in Free Products! With Event Sales of just $250 Hosts get to choose 10% in Free Watkins Products. With Sales of $700 or more, Hosts get to choose 30% in Free Watkins Products; that”s over $200 in Free Watkins Products! Perhaps the best part is these Free Watkins Products are provided by Watkins and the Watkins Associate still earns from 25 – 39% in Commissions!!!

So, as you can see, with just a few consistent hours, Watkins Associates can earn a good part or full time income selling Watkins Products!

Congratulations to Elaine Bowers, Watkins Products Associate, in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Elaine, You make us proud and we look forward to your continued success!

We also want to take time to thank all of Elaine’s Hosts, Hostesses, and Customers, for helping make this possible!

If you would like to receive Free Watkins Products by Hosting a Watkins Tasting or Living Natural Event in and around the Yarmouth area of Nova Scotia, please contact Elaine Bowers at 902-761-2537.

For more information on Watkins, Watkins Products, Watkins Tasting Events, or earning an income with Watkins, please either contact Elaine Bowers at 902-761-2537 or contact Independent Watkins Manager Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198) Toll Free: 877-822-8463.

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