Watkins Leadership Conference An Unbelievably Terrific Experience

A terrific experience for sure….

Be sure to commit to your goals, plan to be on the Trip to Cancun, and plan to be on every trip with Watkins and you’ll grow a terrific, large, business with Watkins! This was the message Ed Williams had for those attending the 2011 Watkins Leadership Conference!

I think the terrific thing about being here is meeting the people, seeing the people who earn awards, seeing those who don’t, and seeing how Watkins Corporate Staff really cares about, and works to help, our Watkins Associates.

We’ve been pampered, cared for, and last nights Steak Dinner and International Awards Banquet and Ceremony was truly terrific! Not only because of the awards I earned (I’ll tell you about that in our next blog Post) but because of seeing others, the award winners, the leaders, and being able to sit and talk heart to heart with these amazing people.

Men and Women of all ages, all colors, shapes, and sizes, working toward a common goal!

Perhaps this years theme expresses it best…

Watkins – Unlock The Possibilities!

One thing I don’t see here is hype, just great camaraderie, great fellowship, great support, and great training, and yes, the most important part…. Great People!

Great People, people like You!

Some young, some old, and believe me, some like You!

The thing that makes them great?

They are committed to their dreams… whether that’s helping others find safer, more natural alternatives, for their families, or earning a little extra money to help ends meet, or if they are those who are committed to growing thier businesses and helping other people to reach their goals, they are great because they are committed to their dreams!

These great people are here to ask the question,
“What if, I dared to ‘unlock the possibilities'”

The Guest Speaker Marcia Wieder, founder of Dream University, is here to help Watkins Conference attendees unlock these possibilities and tap into the power of their dreams!

It’s not hype, it’s real power, each of us have within us, to dream!

Dreams like I had as a 14 year old boy, over 30 years ago, when I looked over my sisters shoulder and saw the potential of Network Marketing, and dreams I had pretty much given up on, till I joined Watkins in Sept 2009, and although I only joined to get a discount on natural products and have gluten free products available for our neighbours, I’ve seen Watkins reward my part time hours beyond my wildest dreams!

Not only have I received this wonderful trip to Minneapolis, I’ve accomplished great things! The most important of which is getting the key! Watkins is the key to unlocking the possibilities, and it has taught me to grow and tap back in to the power of my dreams!

Dreams to earn a good income, get recognition for my efforts, and most importantly to help others!

I’d love to help you too! If your looking for Watkins Products, or Watkins Home Based Business Income Opportunity, I’d be pleased to help you.

If your looking to tap into the power of your dreams, and your looking for an opportunity that can help you get there, if your looking for the key to unlock the possibilities, then that’s terrific! If so, contact me:

Brian Hurlburt, Independent Watkins Manager, ID#342198
(Call me Toll Free 877-822-8463)

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