Watkins Leadership Conference Focuses On Customer

Attending the Watkins Leadership Conference is a great way to see that Watkins Corporate Staff and Sales Associates focus is on their Watkins Customers, and providing the best possible Watkins Products combined with the best possible Customer Service to insure Watkins becomes the most trusted natural products company.

Watkins Corporate Staff is committed to making the best possible Watkins Products and becoming the most trusted natural products company. Watkins makes a point of pointing out that the term “Natural” is not a regulated term! Thus products can be created with just a few, or very few, natural ingredients, and can, and often do, contain a number of chemical ingredients and still use the term “Natural” on their products. Though other companies make it difficult to determine what is in their products, claiming proprietary protection as a way not to release the ingredients in their products. Yet, Watkins currently has Full Disclosure on 70% of it’s products labels and is working toward 100% by year end. This as a Commitment to providing the Customer, not only the best products, but the most clarity as well, thus inspiring Customer’s trust, and insuring Watkins goal to become the most trusted natural products company.

Further guaranteeing Watkins becomes the most trusted natural products company, a large part of the training at the Watkins Leadership Conference was focuses on not only marketing methods, but on the importance of each customer, and caring for Customer needs.

Thus the combination of the best products, the most clarity and openness, and the highest level of Customer Service possible, these are the things that will make Watkins, Watkins Products, and Watkins Associates, most trusted for natural products and accounts for ongoing customer loyalty! After all the most important part of Watkins is the Customer, and it was made evident through the training at Watkins Leadership Convention!

If you would like more information on Watkins, or would like to become one of our Watkins Customers, or are committed to providing the best possible Customer experience and would like to represent a company with shared values, we should talk…
Please contact Independent Watkins Manager Brian Hurlburt toll free at 877-822-8463.

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