Watching Our Associates Grow Like Being A Nervous Parent

As We move forward with our Watkins Business watching our Associates grow is like being a nervous parent! Watkins provides such a wonderful opportunity for so many. My skepticism over come my mind is free to concentrate on other things, like working with, helping, and watching our Watkins Associates. For me it’s akin to being a nervous parent…

Right now, this month we are seeing great things happen in our Watkins Business.

I am here for all our Associates and know they can all accomplish much more than they believe they can; having had my own skepticism overcome, I now know it’s possible!

However, that said, I’m currently watching three of our Associates in particular.

There’s Phillip Waddell, our Watkins Associate in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, as He strives for Bronze Consultant Level. A Bronze Consultant is a person who has a Watkins Membership and reaches 500 Pts in a given month. (500 Pts is roughly $700 in Sales) He’s close, and has it within his grasp, but will He make it? As with most Parents and Grand Parents, watching their Child,or Grand Child strive for an as of yet unobtained goal, we probably have more believe that He can do it and that it’s possible than He does. Yet, we know He’s within about $240 of his goal of Bronze Consultant. We, as Sponsors, know as Parents often do, that it is possible! Yet, the Associate needs to know and believe He can. It’s not always easy to transfer or instill that believe in someone. However we know Phillip Waddell, Watkins Associate, in Bridgewater, can do it!

Then there’s our Watkins Associates Ryan and Christine in Sudbury, Ontario. This is their first full month with Watkins and they’ve already become Bronze Consultants by submitting orders totaling about $1,000 and 780 Pts and surpassing the 500 Pt qualification needed for reaching Bronze Consultant. In fact, Ryan & Christine are going for Silver (1000 Pts) which is represents total monthly sales of about $1400! I’m sure that Ryan & Christine, our Watkins Associates in Sudbury, Ontario believe that Phil Waddell, Watkins Associate in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, believe that Phil can make it to Bronze as they, Ryan & Christine, have already made it!

I’m also pretty sure that Elaine Bowers, our Watkins Associate in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, who, yesterday, placed an order of about $900 (670 Pts ) also believes it’s possible for both Phil and Ryan & Christine to reach their goals! Especially considering that Elaine’s order was mainly from one event!!!

This one Watkins Tasting Event order has helped Elaine Bower, Watkins Associate in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, reach Gold Consultant (about $2100 in sales with 1500 Pts) Elaine of course is going for not only Gold, but for Her first month with 2000 Pts and Her first qualifying month on Her way to Manager Level!!!

You see, till you’ve accomplished something, it seems impossible for you to do!

However, as you continue to strive, and continuing to strive is key, toward a goal, it becomes possible. The key is to believe, for as W. Clement Stone teaches, “What The Mind Of Man (or Woman) Can Conceive and Believe, They Can Achieve”!
The Success System That Never Fails.

Breaking a goal down, often makes it more obtainable! For instance if we need another $240 in Orders it’s easier to think of it as 8 orders of $30. With 4 days to go, it means just getting two orders per day! That’s Believable!

So, we sit, like nervous parents, waiting, watching, and knowing that if our Associates, all of our Associates – not just those mentioned – just try they can succeed.

As is also taught by W. Clement Stone, “When there is a greater possibility of gain by trying, then by all means try”!

If you have questions about Watkins, saving 25% on Your Watkins Products, or you would like information on joining our Watkins Sales Associate Team please
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The Success System That Never Fails

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