View our Catalog to see if being a Consultant is right for You

View our Catalog to see if being a Watkins Products Consultant is right for You!?

JR Watkins began Watkins Products Company as an Apothecary Company back in 1868 with just one Product! Dr.Ward’s Liniment, which later became known as Watkins Red Liniment. Watkins Liniment still exists today, in fact it still works great on muscle ache and pain, and the only thing that’s changed is the Red Dye that it once contained has been removed. Other than that it is the same great product that has worked for for generations!

However, when JR Watkins began, He had some challenges to overcome! One of those was distinguishing himself, and Watkins Products, from the “Snake Oil Salemen” that were prevalent at the time. So, JR Watkins patented the Trial Mark Bottle. Watkins Products Customers, at the time, could use down to the Trial Mark and if it didn’t work for them as they wanted it to, they got their money back! Today, all Watkins Products are 100% Satisfaction, Money Back, Guaranteed!

Trial Mark Bottle
Trial Mark Bottle

However, with a heritage like this, and Watkins history of providing quality Watkins Products to families for Generations, ever since 1868, you just know it’s good! Whether You’re using Watkins Liniments, Watkins Salves, Watkins Ointments, or one of the other Watkins Products, You can rest assured you’re getting the best quality at the most economical prices for you and your family. To view the whole line of Watkins Products, Click Here to View our Catalog.

Now that you’ve viewed our Watkins Products Catalog, and discovered how wonderful Watkins Natural, Organic, Gourmet, and Grocery Items, are, we think You may know someone who would make a good Rep! Especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve seen someone with Watkins Products in your area! (It has, Right!?)

So, if you have questions about becoming a Watkins Products Consultant, or if you know someone who would make a good Rep, please …

Contact Me…

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Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198)
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