Ukrainian Studenetz Recipe

Ukrainian Studenetz

Recently, over at Briden Farm, we had a Pig butchered and wanted to utilize as much of the meat as possible. So, we sought out a friend who made us Studenetz! Although to be honest we didn’t know that until another friend, Deb, pointed out that Head Cheese is also known as Ukrainian Studenetz! Although that definitely ties into my Balkan Roots!

Now, this is not exactly the recipe our friend used, but it is, I think a good recipe, and you can find it over at Instant Ukrainian.

That’s right, while we like to cook, our friend Karen made ours for us, and I plan to get her recipe. Regardless of which recipe we use, when we make our own, one thing we’ll be sure to use are Watkins Herbs & Spices! Thats because Watkins Food Items contain no fillers, nor msg, and always help to turn out top tasting treats!

Perhaps thats why so many of our Watkins Products Consultants tell us how easy it is, because people really do want Watkins Products! You just have to let people you have it, and they Buy! If you’d like more information on earning an income with Watkins Products please visit:

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