What Does It Take To Become A Top Watkins Products Associate And Award Winner

Recently as You may know I attended the International Watkins Leadership Conference and was surprised by many things!

In the past I’ve attended other Companies Home Business Conventions and found them to be all fired up, hype and dream sessions! For me, all hype and little business and product training is not conducive of good training and despite the number of Books, Tapes, and Functions, I’ve attended in the past, I never discovered any personal, nor group, success till I came to Watkins and Keith & Karen Hagan’s Group of Watkins Peak Performers!

So, one of the things that surprised me most about the Watkins Leadership Conference, held this year 2011 in Minneapolis, and next year 2012 at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas,  was the lack of hype!

What I discovered was solid business and product training with a focus on Customers, Associates, and providing the best support to each Associates and best possible Customer Service. Including Watkins goal of becoming “the most trusted natural products company”

For example, I had no idea that there are no regulations on the term “Natural”! Meaning that if someone put a couple of natural ingredients in a product they can claim it “Contains Natural Ingredients” and still be nearly 100% chemical ingredients!

With Watkins natural products, Watkins has 70% disclosure on the labels, and aims to have 100% disclosure by the end of 2011. Additionally many Watkins products, have third party certification, including that of the Natural Products Association, which insures “Natural” products are not only 95% – 100% Natural, but that the processes that are used to produce the products are natural!

So, one may be correctly led to believe that, things that helps a person to become a Top Watkins Products Associate And Award Winner is the quality of the products and the training and support they receive. This absolutely the case!

Although one would conclude that to be Top Award Winners it takes something special, that those who reach such levels have some secret, and that unless you have that secret you can’t make it! Well, with Watkins that secret is in the quality of Watkins Products and the training and support available to Watkins Associates!

Trust me, there is no one distinguishing attribute aout Top Watkins Associates!
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You’ll see people of every, shape, size, color, age, health, etc. etc.

However, what these people do have in common is that they’ve made a commitment to be persistent and consistent and invest time into themselves and into their Watkins Business. They’ve decided to embrace the idea of building a business that is fun, flexible, and financially rewarding. Bringing them to a place of recognition and allowing them to be recognized for their efforts and reap the benefits of becoming
Top Watkins Award Winners!

So, if people of every shape, size, color, age, health, etc. etc. can become Award Winners with Watkins and reap the benefits, what makes them different from You???

The main difference is they were willing to purchase a
Watkins Associate Membership ($39.95) and
invest their time and efforts into building not only a successful Watkins Businesses, but
also taking steps to insure a successful future for them and their families!

Are you ready to be an Award Winner? Are You ready to take steps today to insure a successful future for You and Your Family? Are You ready to invest $39.95 in Your Watkins Associate Membership and take time to learn what’s needed to become successful, and ready to invest your efforts into having fun, helping Watkins Cusoters, as you earn a Watkins Income?

If so, contact Top Consultant and New Manager of the Year 2011,
Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198) 1-877-822-8463 (Toll Free).

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