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It’s no secret that Watkins has been experiencing some difficult situations over the past months. When you’ve put your heart and soul into something for nearly ten years, and the waters get rough, things get tough. People get nervous! It’s understandable, and so I went investigating…

So, I began investigating some “Oppurtunities”. What do other Direct Sales and Network Marketing Companies offer? What other opportunities are out there? How do they operate?

As many of You know I’ve been a Watkins Products Consultant for over 9 years, and even became one of 19 Executives, and helped one of our Team Members become an Executive 6 months prior to my reaching that Position.

Let me take You back to when I got started with Watkins, I was skeptical, and jaded, and didn’t believe any of these “Networking” businesses would work! I had literally reviewed Hundreds for my Consulting Site and I had even been involved and tried to make money with at least 6 or 7 of them! None with any real level of success. So, I was skeptical from the beginning.

Thankfully, over the years, Watkins proved me wrong and in 2017 we had over $890,000.00 in Team Sales! For 5 or so years before that our Team consistently took 20-30% of the Awards, while our Team Members only made up about 2-3% of the total number of Watkins Products Consultants.

When I got started with Watkins back in Sept 2009 I was very skeptical, I drug my feet, didn’t want to go to the Conference, didn’t want to go on the Trips, and basically thought they’d be full of Hype and Dream Sessions to make us feel all warm and fuzzy!

Personally I think a Business, a viable, legit, business or income opportunity should rely more on numbers than emotions! Not needing to rely on mumbo jumbo or hype or warm and fuzzy feelings to recruit and motivate!

When I began with Watkins I expected that’s what I’d find, because that’s what I’d seen from so many others! I was pleasantly surprised to find that the “Luxury Trips” we earned were just to reward and relax. While the Conferences were for Business. The Leaders did not dress in Diamonds and Fur Coats, and they did not showoff fancy Sports Cars.

They were down to earth regular people who were making an income, a real income, from selling products and teaching others to do the same!

Again, not everything was perfect! At times things were frustrating, and there were times I definitely thought about quitting! However, my Life Partner helped me to see these things as temporary, as road block! Then asked me, “What do you do when you come to a road block?”. The answer is You get over it!

Yet, Watkins had such “Out of Stock Issues”, products being 40-60% out of stock for much of the later part of 2018 and our Business Sales falling off so, I began to look elsewhere! To explore other options!

What did I find? Hype, Empty Promises, and that sort of stuff sickens me, because it adds to the negativity that surrounds Network Marketing. If you’re invited to a “Meeting” where You hear them talk about how they are all “Family”. How they are all of a “Certain Mindset”, and so on, ask yourself if this is a legitimate business? It may be both! However, if they seem to make these things more prominent than the actual Compensation Plan then maybe You need to sit on your hands for a bit.

Another thing to be watchful for is, are they showing you a “Presentation” or the actual Compensation Plan. Also have You read the Policies and Procedures? Do You know what Marketing Methods you’ll be allowed to use? All of these things are more important than the “Warm and Fuzzy” that come from being part of a like minded Family feeling!

I guess, for me, it’s more important that a Business “Opportunity” makes sense on paper. It’s also good when that feels good in the stomach, heart, and mind! There are few of these types of Businesses out there!

However, good Direct Sales and Network Marketing Companies do exist. One of the things that impressed me from the start with Watkins is the Company doesn’t make money on their Business Materials or Catalogs! Nor do they allow their Leaders to make money from Tapes, Books, and Functions they create! Profits have to be made through the sale of real Products, and for those who choose to grow a Sales Team, they can earn bonuses based on Group and Team Sales. You know, like a real Business!

So, good Direct Sales and Network Marketing Businesses do exist and when you can find one, it warrants investigation. It may not be perfect, but it may allow you to develop a solid Business!

As for our continued participation with Watkins, we hope it’s for years to come. The most encouragement over the past few months has actually come from our Customers! Who continue to order, who make our phone ring! Not with complaints, because there have been very, very, few Customer complaints over the years with Watkins! No, instead of complaints we get Orders, actual Product Sales that prompt unsolicited Watkins Products Testimonials! I say, “Customers swear by Watkins Products, not at them!”.

So, even with the imperfections, and recent challenges, The Watkins Way … the philosophy, the quality, and the incredible Customer Demand, remain!

So, if You’re looking for a solid opportunity, with which you can build a solid Business Income, look no further!

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