It Truly Is Incredible What Can Be Accomplished With Watkins

  I'm just reflecting on what a wonderful team of Watkins Associates we have! How my thinking has changed from when I started..? Starting out I was skeptical, knew after trying at least 6 other Home Based Businesses that it wouldn't work and just wanting to get a 25% Discount on My own Watkins Products and to

Brian Hurlburt Earns Watkins Grand Prize Trip to Cancun

People become Watkins Associates for a $39.95 Membership and can save 25% on their own products and earn up to 39% on personal Sales and up to 14% on Team, or Group, Sales. In addition to Commissioned earned, Watkins Associates receive Reward Points based on personal and group, or team, activities. To earn the Grand

Watkins All Inclusive Trip To Cancun Mexico

This is the best promotion I've seen Wakins provide in two years! Virtually allowing everyone who wants an All Inclusive Trip To Cancun Mexico And The The Fiesta Americana Grand Resort the opportunity to go!!! A question for you, Do you, or someone you know, think it's possible to sell $750 in Watkins Products in