The Secret To Success In Watkins

The Secret To Success In Watkins is the secret to success in life! I often remark that if I can do this, Watkins Products Business, and become successful... Manager Level in 9 months Team Building Award Top Watkins Consultant of the Year Top New Watkins Manager of the Year Top Total Downline Sponsoring Top Watkins Enroller August 2011 ... then anyone can

Brian Hurlburt Earns Free Trip To Minneapolis With JR Watkins

Brian Hurlburt began his journey with Watkins in Sept 2009 and quickly rose to Independent Manager Level, and now based on Sales and Business Activities with JR Watkins Company during 2010, Brian is leaving on a Free Trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota! Watkins awards it's Associates with Performance Rewards Points for ongoing Business Activities, including Sales,

Dare To Dream The Impossible Dream And Set Impossible Goals

Our best months have usually come when we have dared to dream the impossible dream and set impossible goals! I'm not talking about hype, diamond rings, beautiful mansions, and sports cars, as is often, sadly, the case with many other home based businesses! Watkins, thankfully, is not like that... we're taught to be frugal, to make