Watkins Products Specials For Customers In Canada for March 2013

Watkins Products Specials For Customers In Canada for February 2013 For a full listing of Watkins Product Specials for February please see our Watkins Catalog for Canada. Or, if You’re in the USA, see our Watkins Product Catalog for the USA   Garlic Peppercorn All-Natural Gourmet Grinders   Satisfy your craving for seasonings with Watkins grinders. These disposable grinders have a unique,

Sugar Free Watkins Products

Sugar Free Watkins Products, they do exist? I'm always skeptical about Anything Free and so is Watkins! Just because something says... Sugar Free Does it mean it's really Sugar Free? It often means they've not added Sugar, or No Sugar Added, but it doesn't always mean it's Sugar Free, as in, it has no sugar!

Gluten Free Watkins Products

Gluten Free Watkins Products are another way Watkins is working to address the growing number of Special Food Considerations and Food Sensitivities faced by today's Customer. Some people have an acute sensitivity to gluten, a protein present in wheat and some other grains. Some of these people may also be bothered by distilled white vinegar which