My Story Of Success In Home Business

My story began over 35 years ago! When I was 12, I began tying fishing flys and also began selling them, and when I was 14 I had a trouble keeping up with demand. Then, at age 14 someone came to show my sister, Charlene, a home business called Amway, and I knew right away it

Watkins Getting Started Associate Training Webinar

Open to All Independent Watkins Associates! ((& Guests... Be My Guest)) Watkins is continuing to expand and support your sales and sponsoring efforts. The Home Business Team is now offering a Getting Started webinar for all new Watkins Associates. Join us and find out what Watkins Recipe for Success entails. We'll cover all the basic

The Secret To Success In Watkins

The Secret To Success In Watkins is the secret to success in life! I often remark that if I can do this, Watkins Products Business, and become successful... Manager Level in 9 months Team Building Award Top Watkins Consultant of the Year Top New Watkins Manager of the Year Top Total Downline Sponsoring Top Watkins Enroller August 2011 ... then anyone can