Watkins Reintroduces Soup And Gravy Mix To Canada

For generations families have relied on Watkins Soup & Gravy Mix for their families. After a short absence, Watkins has reintroduced Watkins Soup & Gravy Mix to the Canadian Market. [caption id=attachment_911 align=aligncenter width=150] Watkins French Onion Soup[/caption] Available Soups Include: Watkins Chicken Soup & Gravy: Makes up to 50 servings with each container! (8.29 oz/235 g) C$11.49 Have a cold

Dairy Free Watkins Products

Watkins strives to be transparent and provide in depth product information and the best way to get information about specific Watkins Products and the ingredients in Watkins Products is to phone 1-800-WATKINS (928-5467) or view the specific Product Ingredients at JustGoNatural.com Watkins recognizes that many people have food sensitivities, allergies, medical conditions or