My Story Of Success In Home Business

My story began over 35 years ago!

When I was 12, I began tying fishing flys and also began selling them, and when I was 14 I had a trouble keeping up with demand.

Then, at age 14 someone came to show my sister, Charlene, a home business called Amway, and I knew right away it was the the type of business I wanted for me.

After all, they showed how you not only earn a commission when you sell products, but also how you could earn when others on your team sold products too!

Since I was already wishing I could duplicate myself with my Fly Tying, it made sense.

Now, over the years I have tried at least 6 Home Based Businesses, the MLM and Network Marketing, types.
Yet nothing worked for me! I tried Amway and Melaleuca three times each! (Talk about a slow learner!)

I also tried Jewel Way, Regal, and others!

I used to go 24/7 trying to recruit and build a downline and generate sales enough to make an income.

Yet, I had little, if any success!

In fact I had even tried Watkins back in year 2000, I think, but not even Watkins worked for me then!
Of course it was on a different Team within Watkins and I didn’t get the same training and support that I got this time.

So, when my neighbour Mike came in my yard, back in Sept 2009 to buy vegetables from our garden and mentioned his Mother-In-Law and how Her Doctor told her not to but pepper in the store! I knew what He meant!

You see, she had an allergy to gluten, and store brands often contain fillers, including flour which contains gluten, and Her Doctor told her not to buy it!

So, I looked at Mike and said, “Well, tell Her to go see Angela or Dawn, at the Annapolis Royal Farmers & Traders Market and get some Watkins Products.
You see I liked Watkins, and had been keeping up on who sold it, and who I wanted as a Sponsor! Yet, I’d not taken the step towards getting my Membership again!
I was waiting for the right time you know! Well, let me tell you if you wait for the right time, it’ll never come!

However, life, or God, or providence, sometimes has a way of stepping in and if we are wise enough to take the lead good things happen!

So, as Mike drove out the yard, I thought, “Well, that’s not very smart! He’s already your Customer, buying vegetables, and I’m sending him to someone else for Watkins… even though I’m planning to get a membership again!”

Well, as it happened, the week following I was at the Caledonia Exhibition, also known as the Queens County Fair, and there was Angela and Dawn! So, since the 19 Sept was Angela’s birthday, I said sign me up! I also remember telling her, “Don’t expect much! I’ve tried at least 6 others, even tried Watkins before, and I know these things don’t work!”

Well, this has come as a surprise, but over the past three years I’ve worked an average of about 20 hours per week and in that time I’ve developed a Team of about 80 Sales Associates reaching across Canada and the Us and having generated over $220,000 in Sales over the three years with about $133,000 in Sales over the past 12 months!!!

Also over the past twelve months we’ve been able to help our Associates reach new levels of success!

We helped develop our first Manager by November 2011, and now, a year later, we have our 4th New Manager, in our Group!

We earned a free trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota in July 2011 and another to Las Vegas in April 2012.

I was asked to speak in Las Vegas in April as to “How Watkins Changed My Life” (Click Here to watch the Video of “How Watkins Changed My Life”)

Now, We’re working to help even more people to reach Manager Level with Watkins, the average Manager earns $10,000 in Bonus Income, and
we’re looking forward to our next free trip, this time it’ll be a trip for two to the Fire Sky Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, AZ in April, 2013.

Not only have we earned lot’s of commission, we all earn from 25% – 39% on our own sales and up to 14% on Team Sales, and enjoyed lot’s of free travel and other rewards, we’ve also watched as our Customers and Associates have been helped get rid of skin tags, using Watkins Bath & Body Oils, and take care of Hot Flashes with Watkins Foot Cream, and a myriad of other health benefits! These things are just as, or more important than all the money and the trips! As is watching the Associates on our Team reach new success levels and gain self esteem and personal growth and development. All in all, it is very rewarding!

So, now, three years after joining Watkins, I’m more excited than ever! We’ve developed a plan that when our Associates trust us enough to act on our suggestions and do the follow through they are reaching Manager level in as little as 3 – 4 months!!! Earning not only their 25 – 39% on Personal Sales, and up to 14% on Team Sales, but also the New Manager Bonus of up to $500/month for their first 12 months at Manager Level!!!

Well, that’s “My Story Of Success In Home Business” or more specifically, My Story Of Success With Watkins!!!

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