So, How did we do $32,000 Team Sales in 2010?

So, what changed!? How did we do $32,000 Sales in Team Sales in 2010?

Well, first notice it was Team Sales, and please understand, that although on our Team We focus on Product Sales and Customer Service, part of our Customer Service is expanding our Team to better service, and expand our Customer Base.

So, here’s what happened in 2010, one thing that helped me was that I had developed about 100 Customers from when I joined Watkins in Sept 2009. What I discovered about my Customers was that when I contacted them, about 1 in 4 would place monthly orders, of about $28 each. So, that meant having at least $700/month in Personal Sales! It took me about 16 hours a month to look after these Customers and at 25% I earned about $175 not counting my Bonus! So, I’m was earning about $11/Hr on my own Sales.

Then, in Feb 2010, when Watkins Manager, Dawn Thompson, came to me and suggested I sponsor at least 5 Consultants, I totally wasn’t interested! I had done that with other Companies, and it never worked! However, I decided I would get those 5 people to prove it wouldn’t work, and then I could tell Dawn Thompson my Watkins Manager to leave me alone, and by the end of March of 2010 I had my 5!!!

Thing is, It Worked! (In fact one of those five are still with us today, four years later!)
20% Retention over 4 years in an Industry where 95% quit after their first 90 Days, is pretty incredible! In fact, today of the 232 people who have joined our Team, there are still 144 on our Team! That’s about 62% which is good retention for any business, home based, or otherwise!

So, by the end of March 2012 we had a Team of 6 and in April our Team did about $3,200 in Sales!

As you can imagine, I was pretty surprised, and encouraged, especially when I received my Commission of over $250.00 because it was at least 5 times more than I had ever got from a Home Business before! I had tried at least 6 other Home Businesses before Watkins! The biggest Team I ever had previously was 12 and the biggest check was less than $50. So, when with just 6 Team Members in Watkins I was getting over $250 it was really encouraging!

In May 2010 we added 2 New Team Members, had Team Sales of about $2,300 and my Commission was about $293.00

So it encouraged me to go on…

We went on to become Watkins Managers in June and July, according to the last published stats the average Watkins Manager earns about $10,000 per year in Bonus Income! This does not include the New, Manager Bonus of up to $500/month, (Up to $6,000) implemented in May 2012.

Through the Summer of 2010 we attended Markets and Community Events, finding more Customers and finding New Team Members to help care for our Watkins Products Customers.

By the way, I got a $500 Team Building Bonus in August 2010 and set my first Impossible Goal in Sept 2010! You may be asking, “what the heck is an Impossible Goal?”

The term, and perhaps the idea, of Impossible Goals, is something I came up with!

Since I had become discouraged over the years, with my time spent with other Companies, it was difficult for me to set goals. So, in Sept 2010 I decided we’d add 8 New Team Members in Sept! Since this was something I had never, ever, done before, it was, in that moment, Impossible! At least for me!

I’d love to tell You we did add 8 New Team Members that Sept, but we didn’t! We failed to reach our Impossible Goal! However, it was ok, after all… It was Impossible!

What did happen in Sept 2010 was because I set an Impossible Goal, I just went to work! I ended up doing more than I ever had before, getting more results than we ever had before, and as a result I personally added 6 New Consultants, and helped one of them add one! If I had of made it an actual goal to do that, it’s my belief that having the pressure of having to reach that goal would have seen me do less! However, because I didn’t have to reach my Impossible Goal it freed me up to simply do more than I would have otherwise!

As a result we went on to set more Impossible Goals and by the end of 2010 we had a team of 25 Watkins Products Consultants and Total Team Sales for 2010 were about $32,000

This resulted in some pretty cool things happening in 2011, including my surpassing my first Impossible Goal, but that’s for a future Post!

So, You’ll have to come back and read my next Post, or if You’d like to know more, sooner,
please contact me, to discover what changed, how I come to set goals, and began to dream again, and what was about to happen in 2011.

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