Secrets To Building A Successful Watkins Business

I’ve decided I’m going write a series on our Secrets To Building A Successful Watkins Business! Which is pretty good considering I never dreamed it would work when I got started back in September 2009!

Yet, it worked and despite my skepticism it is flourishing!

Despite Personally struggling, recovering from nearly dying in April 2008,
dealing with the financial problems that created, and our family having undergone many challenges including Corporate Restructuring in my Life Partners job, and a resulting job change, and new challenges, my Life Partner undergoing surgery and loosing my Mother-In-Law, and so on, and more than You want to know, or care to hear about! Despite all of this Watkins continues to grow!

In June 2010 I became a Manager, and in July 2011 I became Top Consultant and Top New Manager of the Year, and in Sept 2011 I became one of 33 Watkins All Star Team Members, and in the past 6 months I’ve helped to develop two New Managers both of whom planned to attend the 2012 Watkins Leadership Conference in April at Plant Hollywood, Las Vegas… with all three of us having our Trip, Accommodations, and meals, covered by Watkins Performance Rewards and Bonuses earned in addition to our regular commissions! This is so huge!

In 2010 We had total Team Sales of about $32,000 (24,000 Product Points)
In the first eight months of 2011 We surpassed our Total 2010 Sales volume; and by the end of 2011 We nearly doubled our Tam Sales of 2010! With approximately 47,000 Product Points (Approx. $66,000 in Sales for 2011!!!)

Now, in the first 12 Weeks in 2012 our Team Sales are surpassing those of the first half of 2011, with total Team Sales of approximately $26,000 (over 18,000 Product Points) in the first 12 weeks of 2012!!!

So, now, over the next few weeks I’m going to start sharing our Secrets to Building a Successful Watkins Business!!! (Stay tuned for upcoming Blog Posts!)

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