The Secret To Success In Watkins

The Secret To Success In Watkins is the secret to success in life!

I often remark that if I can do this, Watkins Products Business, and become successful…
Manager Level in 9 months
Team Building Award
Top Watkins Consultant of the Year
Top New Watkins Manager of the Year
Top Total Downline Sponsoring
Top Watkins Enroller August 2011
… then anyone can do it!

I honestly do believe anyone can become successful with Watkins!

However, quite by accident I discovered the secret to success!

Yesterday, while at the Caledonia Ex, I over heard a woman remark, rather snidely,
“I could do that!

She was looking at a beautiful quilt in a quilting frame and you could tell by the tone in Her voice She was rather smug, probably had never made a quilt, but still snidely remarked, “I could do that!

I immediately thought, yes, She probably could!

Much the same way I know anyone can become successful in Watkins!

However, whether it’s Watkins, or in life as a whole, the Secret To Success In Watkins is the secret to success in life! …

Doing it, not just saying I could!

In fact, when I started in Watkins, I didn’t believe I could do it!
I didn’t believe it would work!

However, I just did it!

If your ready to succeed, by just doing it, then contact me!
Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198) 877-822-8463.


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