Save Up To 40% On Your Groceries With Watkins

Watkins gives Advantages to both Watkins Consultants, and Watkins Customers, by helping them save up to 40% on their Groceries!

Watkins Advantage Program, allows Watkins Customers the opportunity to Save up to 40% with the Purchase of a Watkins Membership!

Watkins Membership, just $39.95, provides Customers, and Consultants, a 25% discount on all Watkins Products, and for those participating in the Watkins Advantage Program a Savings of 30% plus Free Shipping & Handling!

Since Watkins Advantage Program lists over 100 Items commonly found on nearly everyone’s Grocery List, these Products can now be purchased with a Savings of 40%!!!

So, are they the type of Grocery Items You’d Use?
Click Here For The Watkins Advantage Program Flyer & Product List

I’m pretty sure You’ll agree this is a Great Deal!

If your ready to start saving up to 40% on Your Groceries, or if you have questions about the Watkins Advantage Program, or Watkins Membership, please call Watkins Bronze Manager Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198) at 877-822-8463 (Toll Free)

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