Get Paid To Party With Watkins

Yes, you read it right! Get Paid To Party With Watkins!

When we teach people how to Party they make good money! reports the Gross National Income (per capita) by country which shows Canada with $20,789.50 per person and the United States with $33,070.30 per person.

So what would it take to make that kind of money with Watkins?

First of all, let’s look at doing it on your own!

A Watkins Party, Watkins refers to them as Living Naturally Events, or as we like to refer to them Watkins Good Tasting Events, take about five hours with Prep (abt 2 Hrs), holding the event (abt 2 hrs), and Closing the Event (abt 1 hr).

Prep includes finding a willing host and setting up for an Event and working with the Host or Hostess to prepare for the Event. Our Hosts love to invite their friends to their events as their Guests are treated to an hour or so of fun and relaxation while sampling Watkins Food Items and experiencing the tastes and smells of Watkins Products and sharing product stories and such makes for a great time out.

In fact, it’s the sharing of the Guests Stories, Memories, and Experiences with Watkins and Watkins Products that results in the Orders! I try to do very little Selling at these events! I just let the Guests Watkins Product Reviews and Testimonials do it for us!

Another reason people love to Host Watkins Good Tasting and Watkins Living Naturally Events is that as Hosts they receive Great Hostess Rewards from Watkins!

Imagine you have 20 – 25 Guests (or orders) at a Watkins Event that place orders averaging $30 (often orders are more but we’ll just stick with a $30 average order.) That’s enough to have $700 – $750 in Watkins Product Orders!

With Event Orders of $700 or more our Hosts get to choose 30% in Free Watkins Products! That’s over $200 of Free Products that they get to choose! Not some predetermined pittance that they may get elsewhere! $200 or more in Free Watkins Products! Natural, Organic, and Gourmet Food, Home Care, and Personal Items!

The best part is Watkins foots the bill! That’s right, all the Free Products come from Watkins and do not come from the Associates pocket!

In fact all Associates earn 25%! So on a $700 Event Watkins Associates earn at least $175!

By having four Such Watkins Good Tasting Events per month Watkins Associates reach Manager Level and earn 39% o their Sales! That’s $1092 in Commissions from just four $700 Watkins Events!

So, how many of these does an Associate have to do?
The answer is none!

With Watkins there are no minimums, nor quotas, nor are Associates required to put in regular monthly orders!!!

Of course, the more we do, the more we make!

So, let’s ask a slightly different question:

How many of these $700 events does a Watkins Associate have to do to earn the Gross National Income (per capita) by country? Which is the average amount earned per person in a country. Or $20,789.50 per person in Canada and $33,070.30 per person in the United States.

Well, 122 Events at $700 (EI: 25 orders of $28) equals $85,400 in Orders!

That’s about $7,116 per month in Sales!
At this “Watkins Independent Manager Level”
You’ll earn 39% (or $33,306/Yr)

So if your Events have $700 in Orders, you only need about 10 events per month!

That’s about 2 – 3 events per week!

Now, that’s if you do it all yourself!!!

What would happen if along the way you found a few people who also wanted to make some money and held Tasting Events of their own?

Watkins pays about 5 – 10% in over-rideson Group Sales, so as Watkins Associates build sales teams they not only earn on Personal Sales but on Group Sales Also!

Let’s say you have 6 Associates in your Group who are doing the above scenario…

You’d now be a Gold Manager and the Average Gold Managers with Watkins earn about $37,000 per year! Well above that of the average income earner in Canada and the US!

So, now, you see what it’s like to¬† Get Paid To Party With Watkins!

I want to take just a minute to say that most people with Watkins, most Watkins Associates, don’t do the above! Many people with Watkins simply become Associates to buy their own products at wholesale and save 25%. Most Watkins Associates only work their Watkins Business to supplement their existing employment income. As a result the average Watkins Associate does not make this kind of money!

You know what? That’s OK!

With Watkins there are no minimums, nor quotas, and each of us works at our own pace!
Watkins and those who join our Team understand this and we work with each of our Associates according to what they want ot of their Watkins Business.

Additionally online not everyone does Tastings, some simply share their Catalog with friends and family. That’s OK too!

If you think you might have an interest in join our Team of Watkins Associates we’d love to hear from you. There are many reasons people join Watkins, and many ways to save and earn income with Watkins.

Contact us and we’ll discuss what’s right for You too.

Brian W Hurlburt
(Independent Watkins Manager)
Associate ID# 342198
Local: 902-841-0018
Toll Free: 877-822-8463

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