My Midnight Mugup

My Midnight Mugup

I’ve reached that age where I only sleep about four hours, then get up, bathroom break, and a light lunch, or drink of water! Depending on the mood! It also gives me time to stoke our Wood Stove at Briden Farm. So, while I know the Title says Midnight, but my wake up usually happens around 3am, the middle of the night, not exactly midnight! Anyway, this morning our Keurig Machine was calling to me! They do that You know, those machines! It was saying, you know you have a Melaleuca Hot Chocolate Pod in the cupboard! Honestly, I argued, because I’ve also reached the age where I do t like anything too sweet! So, then, I gain some encouragement from a few Watkins products that were watching from the nearby shelf! The Pumpkin Spice Extract, the Vanilla Powder, and the Chai Powder, they all ganged up on me! So, after they all worked on me I took the Hot Chocolate pod, put it in the Keurig and added about 5ml of Pumpkin Spice Extract! Then I heard the Whipped Topping call from the fridge! So, I added some whipped topping to the top of the Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate and then give it a sprinkle of Watkins Chai Powder and a dash of Watkins Vanilla Powder! That’s how I come to have My Midnight Mugup! To find the Watkins Products mentioned here please Click Here to Request our Watkins Products Catalog and to see order instructions… Click Here Now 😉

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