Les Suêtes des Cheticamp, Cape Breton, Sweep Over Watkins As Watkins Sweeps Over Cape Breton

This Post is really a welcome to our newest Watkins Associate, Heather Davis of SûGen Wind Energy Research, in Cheticamp, Cape Breton, who I first met last year, when I was selling Watkins Products at at Privateer Days  in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

If you know Heather, her business, her schedule, and the Les Suêtes Of Cheticamp, Cape Breton, you’ll appreciate the similarities that can be drawn between the Les Suêtes and the impact  that Watkins can make in not only the lives of people in Cheticamp, but across all of Cape Breton.

For those of you who are not familiar with Les Suêtes Of Cheticamp (The Great Winds of Cheticamp) or Watkins or SûGen Wind Energy Researchthis Blog Post is for You too!

A little bit of personal history, I used to live in Cains Mountain, on Cape Breton Island, and while there I worked with Combined Insurance and had the fortunate opportunity to visit Cheticamp during the annual Festival of Mi-Carême. From that time hence, I’ve always been drawn to Cheticamp and the amazing expereince of life on Cape Breton!

Though I met Heather, nearly a year ago, I only discovered She is President of
SûGen Wind Energy Research when Heather came to join Watkins as one of our
Watkins Products Associates.

However, when I read the information provided on the SûGen Wind Energy Research Website and especially the”Message from the President” the similarities became evident!

Les Suêtes, are high winds that occur over a specific area of the western Cape Breton Highlands during certain unique meteorological conditions.I believe that these conditions currently exist for Watkins Associate in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia!

Les Suêtes, an Acadian phrase, is used to describe very strong southeast winds that occur in an area along the western coast of Cape Breton Island. Local fisherman report that the effects can extend 10 to 15 miles offshore. Because of the highly localized nature of these events a Suêtes warning is used to alert people of these upcoming wind events. These wind events are issued as warnings and have traditionally had only negative impressions.Sort of like the History of Home Based, Network Marketing Companies!

However, as Heather describes in the”Message from the President” on the SûGen Wind Energy Research Website She saw Her first Suêtes when she was still very young (She’s Still Young – With Many Great Ideas!) and I saw my my first MLM type business when I was only 14!

Heather describes how She waited for someone to harness those winds and bring prosperity to Northern Cape Breton. She says,

“With every sleepless night, listening to the roar of the wind and feeling the house shudder with each gust, I started asking “Why was no one interested in tapping this huge natural resource?” The answer was always the same.”

After 30 years of searching I found Watkins, the only Home Based Business Ive ever had real success with and where I see our Associates having success also! However, after 30 years of searching, i had all but given up on ever finding an opportunity like Watkins!

Like Heather and Les Suêtes, I believed that there was a way, and I continued to search and investigate and eventually found Watkins!

As for Heather, She continued to believe the power of Les Suêtes can be tapped! Heather never settled for the “It cant happen” attitude. Heather pressed on, refusing to give up, and continues to have the Can Do attitude! Heather says,

I believe Les Suêtes can generate power and can be tapped… resulting in the birth of SûGen Research Inc.

For Heather, its Les Suêtes, for me its Watkins!

However, the never say never attitude, and the potential of the Les Suêtes is I believe, going to make a great difference in the lives of those who are touched by both SûGen Research Inc. and Watkins!

I’ve seen the winds of change come to those who have joined our Watkins Associate Sales Team and even to the lives of our Watkins Customers!

I’ve seen people who are allergic to gluten and can’t buy Pepper in the store because it contains flour, and other fillers, use our Watkins Pepper which does not contain any fillers, live better happier lives!

I’ve seen people who suffer from migraines due to msg switch to Watkins Food products, which have no msg added, have fewer headaches and allergic reactions!

I’ve seen Non-Profit Groups participate in Watkins Fund Raising Program.

I’ve seen Watkins Customers sign up as Watkins Associates  and save 25% on their Groceries!

I’ve seen our Watkins Associates earn incomes with Watkins!

Ive also lived in Cape Breton, spent time in Cheticamp, and know that the people there, in Cheticamp, and across Cape Breton, and beyond will benefit from Watkins!

For those who choose to join our Associate Team, or become Watkins Customers, the affect will be like Les Suêtes Of Cheticamp; that, once harnessed will impact the lives of those in Cheticamp, Cape Breton, and beyond! The money that can be saved on a families grocery bill by switching to Watkins and getting an Associate Membership, and with the income that can be made by those who choose to join our Sales Team of Watkins Associates and sell Watkins Products, all will feel the positive that can come about with a force like the Les Suêtes Of Cheticamp!

If you’re in Cheticamp and looking for Watkins Products, or would like to join Heather’s Watkins Sales Associate Team, contact Heather at 902-224-1572.

For more information about Watkins, Watkins Products, or Watkins Business Opportunity, please also feel free to contact Brian Hurlburt, Independent Watkins Manager, ID#342198, by using the “Ring Me” or “Contact Us” Button, or call me directly Toll Free at 877-822-8463.

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