Our Leaders Who Know The Secret Know It’s Not All About Us

It’s a secret, shared by many who know that when it comes to building any successful movement, any successful team, or motivating any group of people to do anything, it takes genuine believe, personal conviction, and enthusiasm for helping those you want to motivate and help become successful!

Billy Riggs speaking to a group of Teachers on YouTube, explains it’s not about the
Pay Check, The Union, or any of those things… it’s about the Kids!!!

Great Leaders know it’s about the dream, and I don’t mean dreaming about Big Cars and Fancy Houses!

Ask Your Self, “Why Do you Do What You Do!”

If you were to ask Me this question, I’d explain how I do what I do to help those who join our Team! Not only to earn an income, but what I really enjoy is seeing a new Associate experience the self esteem that comes from having helped a Customer find the Watkins Product they’ve been looking for! Seeing a person who suffers from Gluten Allergies find Gluten Free Watkins Products, or helping a person with Muscle Ache and Pain with Watkins Medicated Ointment! Or even sponsoring and helping a New Associate to accomplish their goals! These things, and seeing our Associates experience these things is what Watkins is all about for Me!

By teaching New Associates that these are the things that matter most. Our ability as Watkins Associates to help people benefit from our Products, to help a family save money on their Grocery Bill, to see new Associates experience a new sense of self accomplishment, and self esteem, because of their involvement with Watkins! These are the things that I get excited about and by teaching New Associates to recognize these things as the most important reasons for doing Watkins, causes the whole thing to take on a new perspective!

When these are the things New Associates come to see as important, the money will always be secondary! No matter how much We earn, no matter how many Free Trips we get, or how many New Levels We reach! These things become of secondary importance!

Then, when an attitude of gratitude, and a strong desire to help others succeed, become the reasons for doing Watkins, people come, stay, and become committed to helping others succeed!

Meanwhile, enjoying Earning Commissions, Receiving Bonus Incomes, Reaching New Levels, and Redeeming Reward Points for Prizes, Cash at Conference, and even Free Travel and Grand Prize Trips!!! These, being the side benefits of helping other succeed!!!

How do We Help others succeed? That’s what I’ll write about in our next Post, when I share another of Our Secrets!!!

If You have questions about Watkins, Watkins Products, or how you can become a Member of our Watkins Team, please Call Me, Brian Hurlburt at 877-822-8463 (Toll Free)

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