Impossible Goals Continue To Work In Our Watkins Business

If You’ve been reading for awhile, You know my story …

How I tried other Businesses and became so discouraged I’d all but given up on my goals and dreams and was very skeptical when I came to Watkins! After all, why would Watkins be any different???

Today, I can tell You … it is! (If You really want to know why call Me! 877-822-8463)

What I really want to tell You about is how I began to set Impossible Goals…

After having become so discouraged by missing goals and seeing my dreams disappear while with other Direct Sales and Network Marketing Companies I found it had become very difficult for Me to Set Goals and believe in My Dreams!

So, after being with Watkins for about a year, I began setting Impossible Goals!

Goals I honestly thought were impossible!

Then I went after them, knowing they were impossible made it possible for me to work toward the goal, go after it wholeheartedly without fear of failure, knowing it was impossible anyway! (Sounds crazy, doesn’t it!?)

However, I’ve continued to set and use Impossible Goals! They allow me to overcome my fear of failure… as well as my fear of success! Yes, especially in the past, I’ve been affected by both… and Impossible Goals have allowed Me to succeed despite my fears!

Today, Impossible Goals Continue To Work In Our Watkins Business, and have helped me to develop two new Watkins Managers, and to become one of 33 Watkins All Stars, and have brought me many rewards, including two Free International Trips, and have helped restore my Self Confidence and Self Esteem! In April 2012, I even spoke on Stage in Las Vegas, on the subject of “How Watkins Has Changed My Life!”

Not to take anything away from Watkins, because if it weren’t for Watkins I’d never have been able to accomplish these things, and if not for Watkins I’d never have began setting Impossible Goals!

Today, Impossible Goals Continue To Work In Our Watkins Business, helping us to do things like Develop New Managers, Build Incredible Monthly Sales Volumes, and Help Our Customers and Associates benefit from Using Watkins Products, and being associated with Watkins!

Now, we’re beginning to see our Watkins Products Sales Associates and Team Members benefit from setting their own Impossible Goals!

In May, Watkins Products Manager Michelle Hurlburt set an Impossible Goal of having Her Team Sales at $6600 and as a result She, and Her incredible Team had sales of over $8800.00, and She did that with a Team of just 15 Watkins Sales Associates! A truly incredible job, well done!!!

So, yes, Impossible Goals Continue To Work In Our Watkins Business!!!

If You’d like to learn more about earning an income with Watkins, or if You’d like to learn more about how setting Impossible Goals can work for You, or Your Group, please contact Watkins Bronze Manager Brian Hurlburt at 877-822-8463 (Toll Free).

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