I Tell People All The Time, Don’t Sell Watkins Products

I Tell People All The Time, Don’t “Sell” Watkins Products! Which is a pretty surprising thing, considering our Team Members have sold over $400,000.00 in Watkins Products in the past 12 months!!! (Yes, Really!)  😉

So, why do I tell Watkins Products Consultants on our Team not to Sell Watkins Products!?

Glad You asked!

Personally I’ve sold everything from Vacuums to Insurance and while I’ve never used high pressure tactics, when Companies like Combined Insurance Company teach their Agents to memorize the sales script word for word, and follow up all objections, with memorized “rebuttals” (oh, they call them “Responses” now) it means those buying have usually been sold!

Thankfully, with Watkins, we don’t have to do that!

Or, like when I was with Register.com (A Website Hosting Company) and the Big Manager, Mr. Howard, in New York suggested we create urgency to set call back appointments, even going as far as suggesting we tell Clients “A bird just flew in my window and I need to go, I’ll call you on Thursday, Ok!? Bye” Yes, I was actually told to use that! I refused! I no longer work there! 😉

Thankfully, with Watkins, we don’t have to do that!

Over my 30+ years in Sales and Marketing, I’ve seen about every possible sales tactic, and manipulation tactic, used to “Sell” products!

Thankfully, with Watkins, we don’t have to do that!

With Watkins, especially on our Team of Watkins Products Consultants we are taught to “Share & Care” for our Watkins Products Customers, and work closely with our Team Members to help them meet the needs of people who need Watkins Products! Helping people reduce their sensitivities, and flareups, by using better, safer, Watkins Products. Simply by sharing the benefits of our products and the testimonials of their friends and other customers who have use Watkins Products for years!

In fact, We go even further, telling our Team Members to simply let people know they can get their Watkins Products from Us! Those who know Watkins, do… and they continue to buy, reorder, and tell their Friends and Families who buy too!

See, with Watkins, it’s more sharing, than selling! People who know Watkins Products don’t have to be “Sold”
So, as Watkins Products Consultants, We don’t need to “Sell”
We just share, letting people know they can buy from us, and they do!

To me this is, one of the things, that makes being a Watkins Products Consultant so much fun!

Simply sharing, letting people know they can buy from us, and then doing our best to provide the best in Customer Service!
This is how are Team is growing so fast, and why we need more people, to help service, and expand, our Customer Base.

If You know how to “Share & Care” we’d like to hear from You! We need Help!

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