I Always Tell People Not To Sell Watkins Products

I started a new category on our Just Go Natural Blog called our Secrets and so far our secrets have remained that! Mainly because I forgot! About the Our Secrets Category!

So, truth is, with Watkins, there are very few, if any secrets!

There’s no real secret to our success, just consistency, persistency, and lot’s of patience!

In the Film, Door to Door, we see the life story of Bill Porter and how Bill’s Mother taught him patience and persistent and how that led Bill Porter to become Watkins Salesman of the Year!

Sadly that Award is no longer one of Watkins awards, and even though I wish it was, because I’d like to earn it, I think I understand why!

First of all, Bill Porter was one of Watkins last truly Door to Door salesmen!

He was also one in a million, a great showman and salesman, and despite his disability, he concentrated on his ability to do his best regardless of what he encountered!

Bill Porter is the closest thing I’ll ever have to a real life hero!

Not because of his ability to sell, but because of his caring, sharing, and heartfelt desire to be his best, do his best, and his enduring persistence and patience paid off and he continues to inspire people today!

Now the other thing that Bill Porter did was share his knowledge and heart with those he came in contact with and made sure he came in contact with enough people to become a top performer with Watkins!

Herein lays the secret to being successful … Sincerely care about people, share your message, or product, with those you come in contact with and contact enough people to become successful!

There’s a big difference between “selling” and “sharing & caring”!

Over the past three years we’ve shared not only Watkins Products, but we’ve shared solutions to problems! Asking questions like, “Who do you know that has gluten allergies?” Then suggesting things like Watkins Pepper, and other Watkins Products that are gluten free, or have no gluten added! We make a point of meeting as many people as we can, and asking questions to see how they can benefit from Watkins, Watkins Products, or earning an income with Watkins!

That is why I always tell people not to “sell” Watkins!

Simply show people you care, and share solutions to their problems, and if you do so, you’ll never sell anything! However, they’ll buy, and they’ll become lifelong loyal customers!

Over the past twelve months we’ve helped four of our Team Members to become Watkins Managers, generated sales over about $140,000, been on a free trip to Las Vegas where I was asked to speak at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas on how Watkins has changed my life, and have qualified for a trip for two to the Fire Sky Resort & Spa in April, 2013.

What’s our secret!?

I Always Tell People Not To Sell Watkins Products!

(Just care about people, and share the Watkins)

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