How Home Business Has Changed

Many people think of Home Business, especially Direct Sales, Network-Marketing, and Multi-Level Sales, in a negative light. Often these are misconceptions left over from the early days of a well meaning Industry. An Industry like an other that has grown and evolved over the Years. In the early years you would get your membership with a home business company and usually be required to purchase a huge Kit. A Kit which was heavy laden with training materials, and a few choice products. Often the Products were a mix of best sellers and things that none ever bought! Thus it became a costly start up process. Additionally Home Business Reps were encouraged to purchase Books and Tapes, and attend Conferences, which were mostly full of motivational hype and dream sessions! About all the things you could have, the rings, fur coats, and sports cars! 

The truth is that many of these early Home Business Companies made far more off their Reps and these so called “Tools” than they ever did off the Sales of actual Products! Some still do! 

There were, a few, very few, who did manage to become successful. Successfully luring in a Team of Sales Reps who come to them for Products, thus the “Successful” Person had to be available, at least a few days a week, and often at all hours, just so their Sales Reps could come to them to pick up there Products. The more successful they become the more their time was in demand. Plus they had to take at least a day or two a week to go to their Sponsor to pick up their Products and those for their Team Members. Then go home and break it all down, divide it into lots for each and f their Reps, and well, You can see how this became very time consuming! Many of them had time to do little training, let alone find the dream of Independence! 

Many of the most successful began developing their own Tapes, Books, and Functions and in turn sold them to their Team Members. All in the name of Training You know! After All, by selling Tapes, Books, and Funtions, and mass recruit nb people who believe ught these training materials, they could then eek out an existence. However, buying all these Training Materials became very costly for new Reps who were often strong armed into not only buying training materials but Products they didn’t need just to meet monthly quotas to maintain their Memberships! All on the promise that things would be better, and backed by lots of Dream and hype sessions to keep the ball rolling. Again, some Companies do still operate this way! 

In fact, many of these Companies still require their Reps to make a set monthly purchase, or “Sales” to maintain their Memberships or risk loosing their Independent Businesses! Many Companies today have Auto-Ship Programs in place just for this reason! Often their Reps, or Members, have a stock pile of products and continue to place these monthly orders, or receive Auto-Shipped Products each month just to get the Discount on their own Products. 

Additionally, many companies, them and now, also require their Reps to purchase Catalogs every month, or even weekly or biweekly, to earn commissions. These Reps often have stock piles of old Catalogs as well as Products sitting not their shelves. 

Now, today, there are literally hundreds of these Companies, with others springing up regularly, and often only lasting less than 5 years, till the whole thing emplodes! Often leaving their Reps stranded, heavily invested, and broke! 

Now, at this point you may think I am totally against the Direct Sales, Networking, MLM, Industry! While actually nothing could be further from the truth! I just think it’s time our Industry had a major overhauling and that things be done in a more ethical way where fewer people run the risk of getting hurt. 

Now, while I have belonged to at least 6 or 7 different Home Busnesses over the years, and have literally reviewed hundreds, I am not aware of all of them, nor am I particularly qualified to give legal or professional advice on any of them. 

Save, pershaps, for Watkins! Then, I am not authorized to speak on behalf of Watkins Inc, and my comments are mine, and mine alone. Based primarily on my own experiences, based on over 30 years of searching, and researching, for a Company that I believe has eliminated many of the above issues. 

Two of the first things I realized is that Watkins makes no money on its paper, and the Leadership is not permitted to make money on Tapes, Books, and Functions! These are two very big paradigm changes! Let me explain…

While some Companies make money when their Consultants buy their Catalogs, and other training materials, Watkins does not! After being involved in other Companies, I spent my time photo copying some of the Training Booklets when I first got started with Watkins. One booklet in particular was 41 Pages and my past experience had taught me that other companies I had belonged to would have easily sold it for $10-$15. I was able to photo copy it at home for about $5 or so, thus saving money. Or so I thought, till my Watkins Manager, Dawn Thompson, pointed out that I could get it from Watkins, in Booklet Form, for just $1.50. This was far different than other Companies I had dealt with! Heck, even the Watkins Products Catalog only comes out once or twice a year, and only costs about $11 for 20 Catalogs! So, Watkins is thus focused on making profits from legitimate sales of products, and not from the sale of training materials on the backs of their Consultants! In fact, every new Watkins Consultant now gets 3 Websites at no extra cost! One for Training, One for Sales, and one for providing information to potential new Sales Reps! 

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