How Does Your Pension Income Compare To Ours?

Pension Income

Recently on Social Media I saw one of my Cousins complaining about the struggles He and other Seniors face upon retirement. What really surprised me was that our average Watkins Manager earns what he gets, and after about 3-4 months with Watkins! Not the 30-40 years most Seniors have worked to get the same income! It’s a sad commentary on our Government both in Canada and the USA. It’s also an incredible benefit of being a Watkins Products Consultant.

First, let’s look at what the average Watkins Manager is doing, and the time they are investing to get their incomes. More specifically lets look at those on our Team of Watkins Products Consultants. I recently did an unofficial Poll with our Watkins Products Consultants to which many of our Leaders responded. On average they said they invest about 13 to 14 hours a week on their Watkins Business. Sharing their Catalog, doing online promotions, attending Vendor Events, holding In-Home Watkins Products Tasting Events, and so on. Many also remarked that in many ways this also acts a great way to spend their time in a social environment.

So, what does it take to be an Independent Watkins Products Manager?
Here’s an example, let’s say You do a $20 Sale a Day, that’s about $600 in a month.
Now, continue to do the $20 Sale a Day, and Help one New Consultant to do the same each month.
Following this simple plan will see You become a Manager in just 4 months!
When You’ve helped 5 people to become Managers You are a Gold Manager.

According to our most recent, published, stats the Average Watkins Manager earns Bonus Income of about $10,000.00 a Year.
While the average Gold Manager (A Manager who has helped personally develop 5 Personal Managers) averages about $37,000 a Year.

Now, how does that compare to what Seniors are receiving from Gov’t. Pensions?

In Canada, according to a Report published, and now archived, on
Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security benefit rates effective January 1, 2015
For 2015, the maximum CPP retirement benefit for new recipients age 65 will be $1,065.00 per month.
Plus, as of January 1, 2015, the basic OAS (Old Age Security) pension will stay at $563.74 per month.
For a Combined Maximum of $1,628.74 (Note the word “Maximum”)

To find a better average we look to and their
Canada Pension Plan pensions and benefits – Monthly and maximum payment amounts January to December 2015
which show the CPP (Canada Pension Plan) Average for new beneficiaries is just $640.23

So, combined, the avg. $640.23 CPP + $563.74 OAS pensions means most Seniors get just $1,203.97

Whereas in the USA, reports that in 2015, over 59 million Americans will receive almost $870 billion in Social Security benefits.
an astronomical amount, however it actually means that for retired workers, average monthly benefit is about $1,335.00

So, after working for 30 to 40 Years, the average retiree in Canada and the USA is living on about $1,269.49 per month,
or about $15,233.82 a year in retirement income! This is a rough average, while some make much more, many more make much less!

Now, compare that to the average Independent Watkins Products Manager who averages about $10,000.00 a year in bonus income,
while enjoying some social interaction with others and benefiting from all the other benefits of being a Watkins Products Consultant.

Who do you know who could use an extra $10,000.00 (or more) a Year?

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