Successful Watkins Products Business Experiencing Whispering Waves Of Success

It’s been a heck of a ride over the past couple of years, going from doubt and skepticism to belief which comes only from experiencing things first hand!

We’ve definitely enjoyed many things, all precious to us, the best part is seeing and feeling the non-tangible aspects. Seeing our Watkins Associates reach their goals, and seeing our Customers faces when they experience the quality of Watkins Products and them seeing how they work for them! These things are of an intrinsic value and are far more important than any material gain that has come to us.

However, in addition to the intrinsic rewards, that I love!

We have also received some really great Prizes, Trips, and other Rewards that we never dreamed possible! We’ve earned about 60,000 Reward Points, with which we’ve received clothing, and other goodies, and I’ve traveled to Minneapolis, and stayed at the Hilton, and ate like a king and so on and so on! Together our Watkins Business has allowed us to travel throughout New Brunswick and Nova Scotia going to Bathurst, Mirimachi, Moncton, Sussex, and to finally go and spend time traveling in Cape Breton and also take time to visit Truro, Halifax, and Nova Scotia’s South Shore and Valley Regions.

One of our recent trips was to the Whispering Waves Cottages in Ingomar, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia. One of the nice things about it was that it was totally void of Business! In fact we were told we had to go and not do anything! It was wonderful!

Here are a few pictures of the fun we had at the Whispering Waves Cottages…

The trip to the Whispering Waves Cottages in Ingomar was given to us for two reasons, one was for a personal milestone, our wedding, and the other was for a business milestone! The business milestone was reaching the status of Watkins All Star! You can read about that by reading our last Blog Post: Brian Hurlburt Becomes Watkins All Star!!!

Thus the inspiration for “Successful Watkins Products Business Experiencing Whispering Waves Of Success”! Sometimes it’s more of a tidal wave!

If your looking for a fun way to earn some extra income, or perhaps just a Watkins Product, you welcome to contact me, Brian Hurlburt 877-822-8463.

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