We Want To Give Away $1000 In Free Groceries

Yes, it’s true, we want to give away $1000 in Free Groceries!

You see we believe Watkins has one of, if not the, best Hostess Rewards Programs available anywhere and it allows us, as Watkins Associates, to give away Free Watkins Products!!!

Here’s how it works…

We hold what we call Watkins Tasting Events, sometimes refered to as Watkins Living Naturally Events. However, we prefer the original description of Good Tasting Events.

Watkins Good Tasting Events concentrate on providing Guests with an opportunity to sample Watkins Products and gain Watkins Product Knowledge while providing a means to do that in a relaxed and fun atmosphere without hype or pressure!

Although there is no obligation, nor pressure, to buy at our Events, Guests often arrive with orders in hand!

When Event Orders are between $250 – $699 Watkins provides 10% in Free Products to the Host or Hostess. When Event Orders are $700 or more, the Host or Hostess receives 30% in Free Products!!!

So, Watkins Good Tasting Events are not only fun, they are very rewarding!

They are rewarding in both monetary and non-monetary ways!

Obviously when we give away $1000 in Free Products, especially Watkins Products, which are essentially grocery items like Watkins Natural, Organic, and Gourmet Food, Personal Care, and Home Care Items, we are helping our Hosts and Hostesses to provide essential items for them, and their families, by Hosting a Watkins Good Tasting Event.

As Watkins Associates, We have the satisfaction of providing not only the fun, socializing, and enjoyment for our Host/ess and their Guests, but also of seeing our Tasting Hosts and Hostesses provide essential items for their Families! That goes far beyond monetary reward!

So, now, we’ve made a goal of giving away $1000 in Groceries (Watkins Products)!

Which means that we need to hold somewhere between 5 and 40 Tasting Events!

When Event Orders are from $250 – $699 our Host or Hostess receives 10% in Free Watkins Products that they get to choose! That’s from $25 – $69 in Free Groceries per Watkins Good Tasting Event! So if they were all minimum $250 Events then we’d have to hold 40 Events!

The nice thing is the average Event Orders are $400 per Event!
So the average Event provides $40 for each Event Host/ess.

More recently though, the average Canadian Tasting has had orders of $700
When a Tasting Event Host or Hostess has event orders of $700
The Host/ess receives 30% in Free Watkins Products of their own choosing!

That means that if we have 5 Events with orders of $700 that’s a Total of  $3500 in Orders
So those 5 Host/ess’ receive 30% ($1050 Total) in Free Products!
That’s $210 in Free Products for each Hostess!

In the USA these numbers are a bit different…
American Hosts or Hostesses with Event Orders of $150 receive 10% in Free Products
American Hosts or Hostesses with Event Orders of $500 receive 30% in Free Products

However, 5 Events with orders of $700 Total $3500 in Orders  (In Canada or the USA)
So those 5 Host/ess’ receive 30% ($1050 Total) in Free Products!
That’s $210 in Free Products for each Host/ess!

Now, we also want to allow you to help us to do this…

The most obvious way is to let us come and do a Watkins Good Tasting Event for You! We’d be glad to hear from you!

Or, perhaps you know of a friend or someone else that could benefit from Free Groceries, if so perhaps you’ll want to get together with them and co-host an Event!
Co-Hosted Events make for more fun, more orders, and more Free Watkins Products! That way you can split the Hostess Reward with a friend, or someone else you care about!

Another way you can help us reach our Goal is to become a Watkins Associate.
Becoming a Watkins Associate is easy and it only costs $39.95.
You’ll save 25% and earn up to 39%!

Good Tasting Events provide Watkins Associates with a marketing method that truly reward personal efforts. With Average Event Orders totaling $400, and Associates earnings of 25% – 39%, these Events allow Watkins Associates to earn substantial Incomes that can quickly agents Good Tasting Event, or become a Watkins Associate, we invite you to contact us now.

Brian W Hurlburt
(Independent Watkins Manager)
Associate ID# 342198
Our Online Watkins Store: JustGoNatural.com
Our Blog: JustGoNaturalBlog.com
Email: BrianHurlburt@JustGoNaturalBlog.com
Local: 902-841-0018
Toll Free: 877-822-8463

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