Finding Watkins Associates In Newfoundland

Watkins began back in 1868, was the first Company ever to offer a Money Back Guarantee! The Watkins Guarantee states:

If a Watkins product used in the home is,
for any reason, considered not to be satisfactory,
please return it to your Independent Watkins Associate
for exchange or full refund of purchase price.

So, what does this have to do with Watkins Associates in Newfoundland!?

Well, I was only in Newfoundland once, at nine years of age, however it made a lasting impression on me!

That impression was on of genuine quality of a people who have overcome much adversity and yet still take a sincere interest in welcoming people into their lives and providing the best possible experience possible to all who come ashore in Newfoundland!

I was there with my Mom & Dad, and two other couples, and on a Salmon fishing trip.

I still remember the people of Newfoundland fondly because they truly made our trip an awarding one and one that has always remained in my mind, and not far from the surface!

What we experienced was almost unbelievable, the local fisherman pointed out the salmon, showed, or gave us the fly, that would catch the salmon, and helped us land it!
This would be totally unheard of out side of Newfoundland! I say this after having traveled 38 US States and all the Canadian Provinces!

So, again you ask, what does this have to do with Watkins Associates in Newfoundland?

I’ve been spending time this week contacting people in Newfoundland and rediscovering their hospitality and I’m surprised by what I’m finding!

Very few Watkins Associates! Some people there have never heard of Watkins Products, and the few that have, haven’t seen Watkins Products in Years! Although there is an interest in getting the products!

We tell people that there are two things that make Watkins such a success elsewhere. They are Top Quality Guaranteed Products and, just as importantly is quality Customer Service by Watkins Associates.

So, what surprises me so is that there are so few Watkins Associates in Newfoundland and what an opportunity exists for the people there to excel. After all, what do you think will happen when the people who know how to provide unparallelled Customer Service (actually I think for them it comes without trying) and the best Grocery, Home, and Personal Care Products provided by Watkins,  with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, it’s got to be a Guaranteed Success!!!

Honestly, I can’t wait! I’m so waiting to get things going over there! I just know it’s going to be exciting!

If Your one of the one’s I’ve been speaking with, I can’t wait to help you succeed, once you and the people there discover, and rediscover, the quality of Watkins Products, and your unsurpassed Customer Service, it’s going to be quite exciting!

If your from Newfoundland, and we’ve not yet connected, contact me.

I honestly believe that this will be a mutually beneficial opportunity for all who join us!

An Associate Watkins Membership is only $39.95 and we all earn from 25% – 39%, and more details can be found at

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