Finding Gluten Free Watkins Products

Many times people come to me and ask which Watkins Products contain, or don’t contain, Gluten and other ingredients. The answer I most often give is for them to go to, our Online Watkins Store, and click on About JR Watkins (on the left side menu) and then Special Food Considerations. There Watkins lists information for not only Gluten Free Watkins Products, but also includes information on Watkins Products containing, and not containing, Dairy Products, Vinegar Free Products, Wheat Free Products, and MSG Free Products. The Salt and Sugar content is also available as is the listing of Watkins Kosher Food Items and Other Kosher Watkins Products.

These are terms which may be foreign to some, but if you are one of us, those who suffer from allergies to certain food items, then these are most likely terms with which you are all to familiar.

Often those of us who suffer from Food Allergies and Sensitivities find it difficult, sometimes very difficult, to know which ingredients are lurking in unexpectedly in Store Brand Grocery Items.

At least with Watkins, the first Company ever with a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, we can rest assured that what’s in the Bottle is whats on the Label.

Additionally by listing the information on the Watkins Web Site we can know which products should be safe for us… even before purchasing their products!

Watkins does this because they have nothing to hide!!!

Unlike Store Brands that add Flour and other Fillers to their products to help reduce their costs, Watkins adds no Flour, nor fillers, and as a rule Watkins adds no MSG to it’s Food Items. (The only exception being Baked Potato Soup, which contains MSG.)

So, rest assured that when Watkins says an ingredient it is, or isn’t in a Product, your getting the straight goods! So visit and see which of Watkins Products are Gluten Free, and which contain other ingredients buy cheap you should, or should not have.

Additionally many of us are not just bothered by Food Sensitivities but by Chemical Allergies as well. Knowing that many of Watkins Products are Certified Organic and Kosher means that Watkins Products are some of the absolute purest products available today!

By visiting and Clicking on Living agents Naturally – A Way of Life (On the Left Side Menu) we are given the information we need to make informed decisions about Watkins Personal Care and Watkins Home Care Products.

There are few Companies like Watkins who so freely and honestly share with us what their products do and do not include!

Yet Watkins, even after 142 years in business, still stands behind their Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, and that is why we’re so pleased to be Watkins Associates.

You can buy Watkins Products at by choosing to Join as a Customer or as an Associate. However, for most people it just makes sense to become an Associate.

Associate Membership requires no regular orders, and is only $39.95, and allows each of us to save 25% on every purchase! We simply order as much as we want, when we want, and save 25%!

So, Join Us Today!

Click on “Join Us”
Then Join As An Associate .


Still have questions or concerns?
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Brian W Hurlburt
(Independent Watkins Manager)
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