Eating Healthy & Working Out At Fit4Life I’ve lost 19 Pounds in 51 Days

I was getting into such poor shape, I think I was probably becoming border line Diabetic! I was sleeping, napping, way to much, having energy crashes, and overweight! Definitely not proud of it! I grew up as an Outdoorsman and was always active! Then a few years ago we moved into the City! It was the start of the end for me! (I really Believe that!)

Then about 6 months ago I started using products from Max International, ATP and more recently Cellgevity. I’m not the best one to explain the science behind them, but I know they work well for me!

I’ve always tried to take care of myself, but the sedentary life in the City just doesn’t agree with me. To be honest, I was bored, lonely, and had let myself go over the past couple of years here! Then I began taking the Max ATP and that is when things began to change! All the sudden, I had more energy and felt like getting more active. Later when I switched to Cellgevity my energy and overall health improved again.

However, by that time I was overweight! Not from the Max Products, but from to long spent sitting on the couch! You see, as I have become more successful with our Watkins Products Business I have increasingly had more and more time on my hands, eventually learning how to spend just a few hours a day on the Business and I had more time to myself! So, unfortunately I was spending that time on the couch!

However, in December, Aided by the extra energy and improving health brought on by the Max Products, I decided I needed to make more changes or I may not be here much longer! It’s really how I felt! Ma. Was helping, but I knew I had to start eating better, more healthy, and get more active!

Thankfully, I was already taking Melaleuca Vitamins, and had already escaped many of the Store brand products! I say that because Store, and Name Brand Products have fillers like flour, and other, worse, things added to them! Thankfully Watkins Products provides an alternative to those store brands! Watkins adds no Filler, nor MSG, to their Food Items. Similarly, Melaleuca now has many food items, and excellent supplements, and together with our Watkins Food Items our diet wasn’t really that bad! I just needed to kick some bad habits like eating sausage and bacon every morning and a big bag of chips, pizza, and/or a half bag cookies every night! Yes, I was in bad shape!

So, I decided I was going to make some changes. I was pleased when my Better Half asked for a Bullet for Christmas! Instead of having fatty breakfasts, and too many snacks in the evening we switched to making Shakes and Smoothies! From December 18th till about Jan 8th I lost about 8 pounds!

Then in early January, about Jan 8th, we started working out at and since then I’ve lost another 11 Pounds in about a month. For a total of 19 Pounds in the past 51 Days!

I am feeling great, my cardio has improved, I no longer sleep , or nap, as much as I did! The Melaleuca Vitamins were, and are great, but Vitamins alone can not keep one healthy if one becomes to sedentary, and lets their eating habits slip too! I knew this, but just neglected it! (I hate admitting that, but it’s true!)

Having great products like Watkins Products, especially the Food Items, helps too! But again can only do so much! Especially when other things are neglected for so long! (Again, I hate to admit it, but it’s true!)

However, in it all, it really was the Max Products that helped get me back on track! They gave me the energy I needed, and helped me start feeling better, enough so that I was able to get off the couch, make the changes I needed to make, and allow me to start getting healthy again! Even to the point of getting active in a Fitness Center, at

I’ve decided to write this Post, so that if their are others who are where I was, perhaps my story may help You! Feel free to contact me if I can be of any help. I am continuing to do it, and You can do it too! 😉

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