When Doubt and Skepticism Turns to Belief With Watkins

As many of you know, before coming to Watkins I’d tried many things, many different home based businesses, and had invested far more time, money, sweat and tears!

However nothing had worked for me, nor my Associates!

So, when it come to Watkins I was understandably skeptical and didn’t expect Watkins to be any different!

However, what I found is, much to my surprise, very different than what I’ve experienced elsewhere!

I always say that Watkins Products are great, and the Support Team, and Corporate Staff, are all very helpful; but the best part is our Customers!!!


I hear from new Associates all the time,
“I never knew it would be this easy, people love Watkins, and just need someone to get it from!”
I fully agree, and our experience shows that our Customer monthly reorder rate is about 25% and we easily average about $30 per order!

Which means that with 400 Customers a person will have about 100 Customers order each month and have sales of about $3000 which will maintain Manager Level with Watkins!
It also means that by doing this these Managers will earn about $1200/month Part Time! with about 15 – 20 Hrs weekly time investment!

We also know that this can be done in less time if we invite our customers to come to our Tasting Events and have them pick up their own orders from us. Doing it this way requires less time for us and means more for our bottom line!

We also know that about 30 – 40% of people when asked will say yes to a Watkins Sales Catalog and that about 30% of those will palce an order of about $20 on first contact.

We also know that about 25% of those who request Watkins Catalogs entertain the idea of becoming a Watkins Associate and that 20% of those will become Associates!

If your a number person you’ll enjoy these stats, and we have more we’ll gladly share with you!

However, if your not a numbers person, your probably a little thrown off by the stats!

That’s ok, suffice to say that what we’ve discovered with Watkins the numbers work!

What I mean to say is, that consistently when we put in the effort we get the same,  or better, results! Meaning when we do something with Watkins, whether sharing the Catalog, attending or holding Events, or making phone calls or sending emails, we get results! Predictable results!

Which means, that because the results are predictable, we know that if we do this we get that! If we attend an Exhibition with say 30,000 Attendees we’ll have sales of about $1000 – $1400 and we’ll get about 100 – 140 people who want Watkins Catalogs and about 25%, or one in four may be interested in becoming Associates; of these 25 – 45 we’ll have about 5 – 9, so say 7 who will become Watkins Associates over the next year!

So, by knowing this, we know what we can accomplish when we invest our time and money into Watkins and we know what our rewards will be!

Rewards like my recent trip to Minneapolis and the Awards I received there!

Bottom line, we know that when we, or one of our Watkins Associates, do what we do they’ll become successful the same way were becoming successful!

So, if your looking for a way to earn an extra income, would like a full, or part time income, contact me, Brian Hurlburt, recipient of the Top Consultant of the Year and Top New Manager of the Year International Awards!

I’m not bragging I just want you to know that with Watkins it’s not a pipe dream!
It’s not a hype and dream session, it’s predictable, and it’s rewarding, if your willing to learn, and duplicate our efforts we can help you reach whatever level of success you want!

If your looking for a Home Based Business that really works, just go natural with Watkins!

I know that When Doubt and Skepticism Turns to Belief With Watkins
great things happen!!!

Call me for a Confidential Interview and we’ll see if Watkins will be the right fit for You?
(Toll Free 1-877-822-8463)

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