Celebrating International Women’s Day With Watkins Product Consultants

Celebrating International Women’s Day With Watkins Products is a must for Us!

We have so many Power Women on our Watkins Products Team we simply would be a miss not to Celebrate this amazing Day!

Celebrating International Women’s Day has been observed since in the early 1900’s,
in 1908, 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights.
While the first National Woman’s Day was observed across the United States on 28 February 1909.

For more information, History and Events that have taken place to bring us to
International Women’s Day 2014 please visit internationalwomensday.com

Among the accomplishments of Women over the past Century, is the number of Women in Business and the number of Women who now own their own Businesses. Women of Influence has a great article about “The Future of North American Business” and has discovered that …

“What is further revealed, when studying these women’s  backgrounds, is that several of these top Senior Executive leaders had at one time either worked together or for each other. Many had either mentored or were directly mentored by each other. Several shared mentors, or business and political advisors, both men and women, that opened incredible doors and opportunities while providing strategic business guidance and support.” Women of Influence: “The Future of North American Business

We, on our Watkins Products Team definitely see, and appreciate, the work “Women of Power” are doing to help promote Watkins Natural Products. We currently have a Team of about 190 Watkins Products Consultants spanning about 29 US States and 10 Canadian Provinces, and about 98% of them are Women! Definitely a change from 1868 when JR Watkins began Watkins as an Apothecary Medical Company and expanded with the help of those who have become known as the “Watkins Man”.  Many Women, especially our Mothers, Grand Mothers, and Great Grand Mothers, fondly remember the visits of “The Watkins Man”.
Today, however, the Days of seeing the “Watkins Man” going Door to Door, Store to Store, and Farm to Farm, are all but over! With the invent of the Telephone, Automobile, Internet, and Social Media, the Door to Door Salesmen like Bill Porter, have gone by the wayside! Yet, Watkins has survived, and in a large part due to the Power of Women in Business!

Today, Women across Canada and the United States make up the major part of Watkins Products Consultants. Watkins provides an income opportunity and Business that is flexible, allowing Women of today to work from Home, have time for their Families, and time to make a life for themselves while working their part time Watkins Businesses into a full time, residual, will-able, income.

Many of these Women, like Independent Watkins Manager Michelle Hurlburt, who received Watkins New Manager of the Year Award in 2013, hold full time jobs, and work their Watkins Business part time to develop some fun money, and to develop a long term residual income in the process.

Others, like Independent Watkins Manager Lois Titus build their Watkins Business to help with the Family Budget while staying home to be full time Moms. Working their Watkins Business at their pace, and on their schedule!

Here’s what Independent Watkins Manager Sue Lessard has to say about Her Life, and Her Watkins Business…
“I retired about 3 years ago, and decided to rescue a little dog from the animal shelter. I loved being retired and spending time with my new fur baby, but I needed something else to keep me busy and to earn some extra $ for the little things. I have always loved Watkins Products and had actually sold it 10 years ago but the timing wasn’t right. This time was different.. I started out just to buy for myself, but one thing led to another and 6 months later I am a Manager!”

There are many others, like Independent Watkins Manager Denise Leblanc (Featured on the current Watkins Catalog), who are Powerful Women with their own reasons for having their own Watkins Business, to numerous are they to list them all here. However, each one, has discovered their own reasons for doing Watkins!

Then have tapped into the training and resources, and mastermind focus, and mentoring, that we employ on our Team, and in our Watkins Businesses, where we all work together, supporting each others goals, through group training, with individual focus. It is this Team Effort, Mentoring, and Individual Attention that we employ on our Team that helps each of us to succeed with Watkins, while developing solid Businesses, and growing our individual Watkins Businesses.

We so appreciate all these Ladies, and all our other Team Members not listed here! (See our Consultant Locator for a Rep near You)
and All our Watkins Products Customers across Canada and the United States who make this all possible, resulting in over a Quarter Million in Team Sales in 2013! Women, Moms, Grand Mothers, and their families for whom Watkins has been providing Quality Watkins Products since 1868, and for the Generations of Loyalty and Support that they show us, we say… “Thank You”. 😉

Before closing, I want to take a minute and mention someone not on our Team, but who is a Friend, Recipient of the Bill Porter Award at Watkins, and past winner of the 2007, Myrtle Evertt, Woman of the Year Award presented by the Business & Professional Women’s Club of Abbotsford, BC.
That is none other than my Friend, and Hero, Miki Boleen.

Have questions? Contact one of these incredible Women, or find a Consultant near You using our (Consultant Locator for a Rep near You)
or, You are of course welcome to contact me…

Independent Watkins Manager
Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198)
Toll Free 877-822-8463

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