Watkins Products Company Surprises New Manager of the Year Sue Lessard

Watkins Products Company Surprises New Manager of the Year Sue Lessard! On the evening of July 24, 2014 Watkins presented Watkins Products Consultant with their Annual Awards. Among the Award Winners was this years New Manager of the Year Award, presented to Independent Watkins Products Manager Sue Lessard. Then, the following morning, Sue received

Brian Hurlburt Named Watkins 2013 1st Place Manager for North America

The 2013 Watkins Leadership Conference and 145 Year Open House Celebrations were held at Watkins International Headquarters at 150 Liberty St., Winona, Minnesota from June 11 - 13 and Watkins Consultants from across the United States and Canada gathered to tour the facilities and learn from both Corporate and Leading Field Watkins Reps and

Watkins Manager Brian Hurlburt Speaks On Stage In Las Vegas

Brian says He's wanted to be a Motivational Speaker for many years and if his debut on Stage in Las Vegas is an indication of things to come, Brian has a promising future! Video was recorded by Watkins Manager Michelle Hurlburt, 19 Apr 2012 in Las Vegas. (Uploaded and edited by Watkins Manager & Public Speaker

Helping People Is What It’s All About For Me

Wow, well the speech went very well. I shared my life story, so that they could better understand how Watkins Has Changed My Life; which was the topic of my speech! During my speech I spoke of my desire to help others, of how in my life due to low self esteem, self confidence, and