250 Team Members And Growing

When I joined Watkins in Sept 2009 it was not to do it as a Business! I had tried at least 6 Other Home Busnesses and I told my Sponsor, I know these things don't work! So don't expect much! Well, now, nearly 5 years later, I know this does work! I also know

Timeless Integrity

Timeless Integrity is what Watkins Products and Watkins Products Consultants have become known for over the past 146 Years! Watkins Products Company traces it's beginning to 1868 when JR Watkins began selling what was then known as Dr. Ward's Liniment, later known as Watkins Red Liniment, and known today simply as Watkins Liniment. No

Shop, Save, And Earn 40% With Watkins Products

Shop, Save, and Earn 40% With Watkins! Every Month everyone with a Watkins Membership is given the opportunity to Save & Earn 40% on Watkins Products! That's a great savings on Watkins Top Selling Items! The same items You use in Your home everyday! Watkins Products include things like Vanilla, Pepper, Cinnamon, Soup Bases,

Summer Markets And Events Lead To Business Success

Summer Markets And Events Lead To Business Success! I've built a good Watkins Products Business by attending Summer Markets, Community Events, and Exhibitions. We nUsually sell enough to pay for our expenses at the Markets and Events. Then, because We gather not only Sales at the Event, but provide ongoing Customer Care for Customers

Celebrating International Women’s Day With Watkins Product Consultants

Celebrating International Women's Day With Watkins Products is a must for Us! We have so many Power Women on our Watkins Products Team we simply would be a miss not to Celebrate this amazing Day! Celebrating International Women's Day has been observed since in the early 1900's, in 1908, 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding