Carson’s Moncton Market is a Cool Location for Hot Buys!

Carson’s Moncton Market is a Cool Location for Hot Buys! With over 40 Vendors here to serve You You’re sure to find something for the whole Family!

We’re here with Watkins Products, and as You probably know Watkins has been providing quality Products to Families for Generations! Vanilla, Pepper, Cinnamon, Medicated Ointment, Petro Carbo Salve, Insect Repellent, and more!

Then there are all the other Vendors! Antiques, Coolectibles, Lap Tops, and Computer Repairs! More things than You can shake a stick at and probably the stick too!

What I love is the cool atmosphere! Literally this wonderful ole building stays cool on hot days! So, it’s a refreshing change! Hot Deals at a Cool Location!

Here’s a little teaser, with photos to tempt you into making a visit!

Come See Us at Carson’s Moncton Market

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