Meet Independent Watkins Manager
Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198)
Like J.R. Watkins himself, Brian Hurlburt comes from humble beginnings, Brian was born the 13th child and 9th son in a family of 17 in rural, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Brian was always a go getter, and by the time Brian was old enough to crawl he was out in the yard crawling around! This sometimes led to unfortunate, and when Brian was just a year old one of his siblings accidentally chopped his fingers off with an axe!

As Brian raises his hand today, and wiggles all his fingers, showing the fine job “Old Dr. Wyman” did of sewing them back on! Brian smiles and says…
“Getting my fingers chopped off was the best thing that ever happened to me!”

You see, Brian learned from a very young age that good can come out of a bad situation!

Brian continues, “Getting my fingers chopped off meant I had to go to live with another family, where I would later discover my New Father, also a Hurlburt, was also my second Cousin, and where I would be afforded many opportunities not afforded to my birth family.”

Brian’s new Family lived on a Farm, His Dad was a Lobster Fisherman, and His Mom and new family members instilled many virtues and family values and taught Brian to appreciate life and respect His Elders.

Brian says he’ll always see Himself as “Just That kid from Nova Scotia” but today we know Brian Hurlburt has become much more than that! Today, Brian Hurlburt has become one of 19 Watkins All Stars, and has been Awarded 1st Place Manager, and 1st Place Bronze Manager, for all of North America!

Brian began his current Watkins Business in September 2009 and was very skeptical at first as He had already been involved in at least 6 other Home Based Businesses, including an earlier stint on another Team with Watkins, and had experienced little success! So, when Brian joined in Sept 2009 he told his Sponsor, Angela Horsfal not to expect much! Brian told Angela, “I know these things don’t work! I just want to save on my own Watkins Products, and to be able to order Gluten Free Watkins Products for my neighbours. If I do a couple of hundred in sales in a year and recoup my Membership Fee I’ll be happy!” Well, Brian has accomplished much more!

In Brian’s first full year with Watkins, 2010, Brian said he worked about 15 – 20 Hours a week on his Watkins Business, and at the 2011 Watkins Leadership Conference, Independent Watkins Manager Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198), was named North America’s Top Watkins Consultant and New Manager of the Year for all of North America! Following this and based on His continued successes in 2011, when His Niece Michelle Hurlburt joined His Watkins Team, Brian was asked to speak on stage in Las Vegas at the 2012 Watkins Leadership Conference about How Watkins has Changed His life and Brian also received an Award for Team Building and a Certificate of Appreciation and Honorarium for being a Presenter at the 2012 Watkins Leadership Conference.

Then, based on 2012 Activities, Brian’s Niece, Independent Watkins Products Manager Michelle Hurlburt became Top New Manager of the Year, and then based on 2013 activities Independent Watkins Manager Sue Lessard, became the third Top New Manager of the Year on Brian’s Team. Which speaks loudly to Brian’s commitment to properly training and supporting his Team Members.

Also, in June 2013 in Winona, Minnesota at the 2013 Watkins Leadership Conference Independent Watkins Manager Brian Hurlburt was Awarded 1st Place Manager and 1st Place Manager Total Downline Sponsoring for all of North America. Further proving Brian’s ability to develop a Top Producing Team of Watkins Products Consultants.

Continuing His success saw Brian awarded His 2nd 1st Place Manager Award, 1st Place Bronze Manager, at the
2014 Watkins Annual Awards Presentations.

Brian Hurlburt is quick to point out that what is more important than His own accomplishments are those of His Team Members. In 2014 Brian’s Team of Watkins Products Consultants received Awards for
1. Top Consultant – Sue Lessard
2. New Manager of the Year – Sue Lessard
3. 2nd Place Manager – Michelle Hurlburt
4. 3rd Place Manager – Denise Leblanc
5. 1st Place Bronze Manager – Brian Hurlburt
6. 52 Club – Sue Lessard
7. 1st Place Consultant for Team Building – Sue Lessard

Quite an impressive Team!
While making up only about 1% of the total number of Watkins Consultants,
This Team had 7 of the 50 Annual Wards, had 6 of the 16 Grand Prize Trip Earners, and 3 of the 19 Watkins All Stars!!! Impressive Indeed!!!

Today Brian Manages a Watkins Team of about 250 Watkins Products Consultants, including 6 New Managers, spanning across most of North America in about 26 US States and Canadian Provinces! (Meet the Team)

Brian Hurlburt has a way of connecting with people and helping them reach their goals, and as Brian says, “My Goals are always secondary, as I know that by simply helping our Team Members reach their Goals, mine will come in the process. We have some Team Members who simply use their Watkins Membership to get their own discount, others who simply share their Watkins Catalog with their friends and family members, and still others who earn a few hundred extra each month to help cover some of their bills, while others are building long term businesses that will last their lifetime!”

Now, perhaps you are reading this and wondering if Watkins might be the right fit for you too!?
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