Bidding Farewell To My Hero Bill Porter Top Watkins Salesman

When I was a child, I was never much into sports, didn’t really have any Heroes to speak of and then one night in 2002 I became familiar with Bill Porter, who despite his cerebral palsy, became Top Salesman for Watkins in a time when it was much harder than it is now! He not only became Top Salesman, he cared for his ailing Mother and overcame his cerebral palsy, rising above it!

Bill Porter’s Mother taught him “Patience and Persistence” as the secret to success, Bill Porter passed that message on to me in the movie “Door to Door” in which William H. Macy plays Bill who, despite crippling cerebral palsy, uses humor, initiative and warmth to make his way as a salesman and to make a difference in the lives of his customers.

Another great work, inspired by Bill Porter is the book “Ten Things I Learned from Bill Porter”

Bill Porter became Watkins top salesman in the city, the region, and finally the country. Along the way he learned powerful life lessons that he imparted to those to those around him.

Bill Porter died last night, succumbing to an infection, and behind him he leaves a lifetime of memories and lessons.

I am forever thankful for Bill Porter, and the way he has inspired me, in 2010 I became Top Consultant and New Manager of the Year for North America!

In June 2013, my Niece, Watkins Manager Michelle Hurlburt, became Top New Manager of the Year and I received Watkins 1st Place Manager Award for North America!

As great as these accomplishments have been, perhaps the best thing Bill Porter handed on to me, which His Mother taught Him, is “Patience and Persistence”!

As we bid farewell to Bill Porter, my Hero, I look forward, with Bills onward, and upward, attitude I hope that my perseverance will resemble Bill’s so that I, and the members of my Watkins Products Consultants Team, may always be able to offer this great opportunity to others, and that we may always pass our life lessons on to others. Who, perhaps, someday will be inspired by our story!

Thanks Bill Porter, for all you taught us, and I pray that we will do our best, my best, to make You proud of our accomplishments! ;)

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